Beauty tips you Should Definitely not miss

Beauty tips you Should Definitely not miss

The truth is we are always born with good hair and skin but with time as we grow up we spoil it by the usage of wrong products, too much exposure to sunlight and pollution and also due to the changes our body goes through. We all envy the baby soft skin and silky hair of babies and feel sad about losing it. You cannot get back your original skin and hair by being lazy. Everything needs hard work and so does getting good hair and skin. Here are some beauty tips which if followed properly will surely give you a flawless and glowing complexion and a very shiny lustrous mane of hair.

Rejuvenate your dull skin

  • Dull skin which lacks glow is common and all skin types ranging from oily, dry, normal and combination skin may face it. In order to get back that natural glow and shine on your skin, massage your skin everyday with ice cubes or you can also use frozen yoghurt for better results. Scrub your skin with sugar crystals spread over orange peels or slice. Wash off and notice how glowing your skin has become instantly.
  • You can also massage your skin with papaya pulp. Papaya is a good antioxidant and full of anti aging properties.
  • Use an oat meal scrub made out of ground oatmeal mixed in cold milk or honey for a glowing complexion.

Tip to colour our hair naturally

If you want to add a touch of instant colour to your hair but do not have the time to visit a parlor for a dye or for henna application, you can simply take the juice of rosemary plant and mix it with boiled black tea until it forms a dark colored liquid after boiling. Mix this mixture with your shampoo and leave it on for 15 minutes. Your locks will have a natural brown colour to them after as less as 2 uses.

Tip for a natural face lift

If you find your skin is sagging and aging, you might be thinking of using anti aging creams and lotions. These are less effective and also take a lot of time. Anti aging or face lifting treatments can cost you a lot of money. Save this money and adopt this method which is much more effective than expensive treatments. Close the pores of your face by rubbing ice on your face for 5 minutes. After this beat egg whites until fluffy and massage it onto your skin. After the massage apply it generously as a pack. Wash off when you feel your face stretchy.

Tip to remove dark circles and eye bags

We all hate under eye dark circles and eye bags. They make the whole face look ugly. In order to remove them naturally, freeze chamomile or green tea bags in the fridge and then cover both your eyes with them and rest for 10 minutes. As you are resting the skin around your eyes and the skin of your eyelids will absorb the nutrients and the texture, feel and colour of your under eye skin will improve in an instant.