How To Care For Baby Skin – Ways To Care For Your Baby’s Skin

Ways To Care For Your Baby's Skin

Skin care is what that everybody requires rather an adult or a kid. But if it is about baby skin care then one must be careful as it needs extra care and attention because it’s so sensitive. Baby’s skin is tender as well as soft and that is the reason it looks gorgeous.

As melanin production is less in babies so usage of strong creams and lotions can damage the skin. Baby skin care’s first step is bathing of the baby. Especially the diaper area needs to be clean carefully. The environment around the baby also put effects over the baby’s skin thus, we should be careful.

Useful Tips For Baby Skin Care

Use the products which are made for the protection of soft and beautiful skin like kids skin. Choose the reputed brands. Never make experiments with the baby’s skin. Use mild and gentle soap as well as shampoos for kids. Avoid strong moisturizers, use light cream in winters.

Skin of newborns is very delicate and thus no need to bath them daily. You can give them sponge bath as too much soap can dry out skin. After bath, dry the skin with a clean soft towel. Apply the moisturizer over the body.

Another major problem that baby faces is that diaper rash. When you wipe to clean the bottom, don’t rub it roughly as it can cause roughness or rashes. Use lukewarm water and soft cloth to clean the bottom of baby. You can also dusk some talcum powder to that area.

How To Care For Baby Skin

Sudden weather changes can also cause rashes to the skin. Protect the baby skin from sunlight and strong winds. Cover the skin in sun. Avoid tight-fitting clothes for kids, it will help for better circulation of air and also prevent sweating. In warm night, use soft sheet for the baby.

Common Skin Conditions in Babies

Due to sensitivity of skin, baby often develop some skin conditions. Here is the information about the skin conditions and also the ideas how to treat them.

Heat Rash


In the condition of heat and humidity baby’s skin appears some small pink spots. To prevent the condition, avoid tight clothes. Avoid visiting these areas.

Baby Acne

It is very common condition develops in babies. Acne looks like small pink spots over the skin. Generally it appears over the face.

It occurs due to hormonal changes from their mother but it is not a condition to worry as it goes without any special care.


Scaly, red and irritated skin is the symptoms of eczema. Keep the baby’s skin dry and clean. If the symptoms seen consult the pediatrician. Use the products which are meant for sensitive skin.


sometimes this condition takes place due to friction between clothing and skin or where skin rubs together. Avoid tight clothes to get rid of problem. You can also dusk cornstarch baby powder over the area as it help to keep chafing from occurring.

Cradle Cap

Due to the problem baby has crusty patches over the scalp. Overactive glands can also give way the problem. Put some baby oil over the area to keep the area hydrated. After that shampoo the hair and comb well to get rid of cradle cap.