8 Signs That You Are An Empath

8 Signs That You Are An Empath

Are you an empath? What is actually an empath? Read the below signs to get to know if you are one.

1. You are a bowl of sensitiveness

People have told you again and again that you are over emotional and a highly sensitive person. You are able to pick up a persons mood even if others do not notice. You try to keep everyone happy and make sure that that no one is upset when you are there.

2. Always at your friends rescue

You have found that your friends come to you for advice or when they are facing an emotional challenge as you they feel that you are able to understand their feelings and hence will be able to help them in a better way. You are often dubbed as THE PSYCHOLOGIST of the group.

3. A good listener

One of the main reasons why people come to you when they have a problem is because you are a good listener and always lend a ear to someone who wants to vent out. You always listen properly to their issues and try to give them a solution for all their problems.

4. Public Places are a no no!

You feel overwhelmed when you visit crowded places like malls or markets. You start feeling anxious and also sometimes it gets worse till the point that you get a panic attack.

5. Strong Intuition

Sometimes without being told, you seem to know things. You have a strong gut feeling which helps you to know some things before it happens. Mostly it is never wrong. You sometimes know who is calling you before actually seeing who is calling. You feel a plan that you made will cancel and it actually happens due to some other reasons. You avoid certain people often as they give a bad vibe and are surrounded by a negative energy around them. So you change your paths and try to steer clear of them.

6. Prone To Mood Swings

You sometimes experience emotions at high intensity. Either you feel too happy or extremely sad. One moment you are laughing and the very next time you are on the floor bawling like a baby! This can happen when you absorb feelings from other people and your heart becomes confused about what to feel. This makes you very unpredictable in terms of your mood.

7. Lie Detector

You can easily tell when someone is lying to you. Even before you notice their expression and gestures, it is the feelings that you catch and observe which helps you to know when someone is lying or trying to hide something.

8. You run away from sad endings

You do not watch a movie or do not read a novel which you know have a sad endings. If by any chance you do without knowing about the sad part, it makes you feel depressed for a very long time. It takes a lot of effort for you to come out of that depressing zone. You go way out of your path to avoid negative things and avoid conflicts.

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