Health Tips to Build Muscles Faster

Health Tips to Build Muscles Faster

If you are tired of being called skinny and really want to achieve a well sculpted muscular body in a very short period of time then this is the right place for you. You do not need to follow a very strict diet or start a hardcore exercise routine to build muscle faster. If you have tried everything and still feel nothing has worked for you, it is time to take a shortcut and apply certain tricks to build muscle faster. With these simple tips and tricks which are absolutely natural and also easy to follow, you will gain muscle mass in less than a weeks time.

Limit your workout time

Overdoing anything is always not the right option and it may be harmful to your body. Additionally, it also tends to breakdown the muscle mass making you look skinnier than you were. Your motive should be to workout in such a way that only the unnecessary fats are lost and the muscle remains intact and also tones up. The ideal duration of workout for building up muscle faster would be 1 hour. Make sure that the intensity of your 1 hour workout is very high. A high intensity workout for a shorter period of time is more efficient in muscle building than a long period of workout.

Eat regularly and sufficiently

Muscles build faster when the body has something to metabolize always. If you do not provide your body with food always, your brain will send a signal to fill up this deficiency and unnecessary fast will be stored in your body. Having 2 to 3 meals a day is normal but when you are on a high intensity workout routine to build muscle, the ideal food intake should be in the form of 5 to 6 meals after every 2 to 3 hour gaps. This is important so that your body always has something to metabolize and provide energy rather than store fats.

Supplements are not good for you

Yes we all know how promising those packs and jars of muscle building supplements look but the truth is they are often full of steroids and will build up more unhealthy muscles which are sure to harm your body in the long run than healthy muscles which can be got naturally. They mostly increase the water weight in the body which gets reflected in the form of weight gain. The truth is you are only increasing the water content and not the muscle content of the body by having these supplements. You will lose the mass once you stop using them.

What you should have?

If you are among those who complain that they do not gain weight or muscle no matter how much they eat then you should have some knowledge about calorie surplus. Calorie surplus or the calorie counting method is the clever way to eat food to gain muscle. If you are eating lots but the food you are eating is less in calories then no matter how much you eat you are not going to gain weight. You should always eat foods that are high in calories.