How to Trim a Video and Repurpose it for Social Media

How to Trim a video and Repurpose it for Social media

If you have ever gone through the process of creating a video, you know how demanding and time-consuming it can be. From planning, shooting, to editing, you spend a lot of time and money in the process.

But all of that is worth your investment since videos help promote brand awareness and drive sales in a way that no other marketing tactics can.

Today, one of the best tips to succeed in video marketing is sharing your video on multiple social platforms. That way, you let many potential buyers engage with your brand content. In addition, about 94% of marketers agree that videos have helped buyers understand their brand better.

So, should you just go ahead and film a video for every social media platform? While having a video for each platform is recommended, that involves higher production costs and more time. That’s why trimming and repurposing your video is a better solution.

Repurposing video content means you generate more mileage out of a video that you had already created for a given platform.

Say you’ve come up with the most engaging explainer video for your YouTube channel. All you need is a video trimmer to repurpose that video for other social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and even LinkedIn.

Remember, different platforms have different video requirement formats and audiences. That’s why you should trim and align your video based on those social media needs.

The Best Ways to Trim and Repurpose your Videos

Turn Your Video into Social Media Ads

If you’ve got a high-performing video, you can repurpose it into a social media ad. To begin with, decide which channel you want to create ads for. Don’t forget that each platform has a unique format.

Do you seek to promote your ads on Instagram stories, Facebook, or YouTube? Pick the most suitable social media network depending on your marketing goals.

Keep in mind that social media ads must be short. That’s why you should use an online video trimmer to cut short your long video into an ad about 30 seconds in length.

Once you trim your video into ads, make sure to include branding elements in them. You can also add brand fonts and colors to make your ads more attractive to your viewers.

Convert Long Webinars to Short Video Teasers for Social Media

Webinars provide tons of valuable information to audiences. That’s why you should consider generating more leads through them by posting bite-size webinar clips to your social platforms.

For example, when creating webinar replay promotion videos, curate the best takeaways from that webinar to share it with followers.

To ensure you repurpose essential content that gets the attention it deserves, pick clips from the most engaging parts of your webinar. It can be a section where an expert shares tips about your brand or industry.

Don’t forget to add a call to action in your clips. Once done, you can share your webinar teasers on multiple channels.

Create GIFs Out of Your Videos

As a marketer, you should always seek to improve your campaigns with more eye-catching and engaging content. Through the use of GIFs, you can add attention-catching animations to your social media content. This way, you will be able to attract more viewers to your video.

GIFs are extremely popular and shareable and grab viewers’ attention instantly. They are more attractive to viewers’ eyes than static images and also pass on brand information faster.

Does your video include a fun moment? You can change it into a hilarious GIF and share it on your social media. Doing this also gives your video and GIF a chance to go viral.

Besides that, you can also create GIF memes from your videos to market your brand. Consumers love memes. With the help of an editing tool, you can add text or effects to your GIFs to create memes that match up with pop culture trends.

Extract the Audio from Your Video and Create a Podcast

You may have noted that the popularity of podcasts has grown significantly lately. As a brand, you can use podcasts to engage with your viewers and establish yourself as an industry leader on a given topic.

Apart from that, podcasts can also help you reach new customers. Do you plan on jumping onto the podcast trend? First, decide on the core topic of your podcast. That can help you collate the relevant videos you want to repurpose.

Once you’ve chosen the videos, select the format you want to convert them to. Do you want to repurpose your video to share narratives and stories in your podcast? Or do you seek to create short episodes featuring some tips through your podcast? That is a crucial decision you need to make when repurposing a video to a podcast.

To make your podcast more effective, ensure to make it conversational. That makes it more engaging to listen to. In addition to that, you also need to edit and polish your episode well. Ensure that you omit parts that seem boring or any sections where you repeat yourself.

Convert Video Conference Clips into Other Marketing Videos

Do you have promotional meetings and conferences that have been a hit with the viewers? If you captured incredible clips, you can re-use and share them with your social media followers or customers.

You can also repurpose such video recordings by stitching sections of these videos with your other videos. However, you need to ensure that the tutorial clips you pick add value to what you sell.

Keep in mind that your audience is only interested in information that enables them to know more about your brand. That’s why you should stick to providing content that emphasizes your brand value.


Video marketing doesn’t have to involve developing videos for every channel from scratch. Instead, you can repurpose your best-performing videos and get more value out of them.

Repurposing saves you the cost and time you could have used to gather clips and edit them for different social media platforms.

Remember, promoting your content through multiple platforms broadens your brand reach. Whether you’re using Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, or LinkedIn, you can trim your video content and repurpose it for most of those platforms.

All you need to be aware of is the specific format for each network and following through with the guidelines for each. This enables you to successfully create and align your repurposed video to those standards.