Why Sleeping With An Ex Is A Good Idea After All?

Why Sleeping With An Ex Is A Good Idea After All

Have you broken up with your partner? Are you still in touch with him? Did you still miss him or her? If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place. It is not bad to talk with your ex, rather it is safe and good to sleep with your partner with whom you have ended your relationship. You can also give your partner a second chance to make him/her believes about your strong desire and feelings for her. In this article, we are going to share some tips as well as some advice also.

1. Give a Second Chance

If you are not sure about the future of your relationship and want to give a second chance then you can sleep with your ex. In this way, both of you can examine each other’s loyalty. The feelings that both of you have for each other might rebuild your relationship once again. In that intimate moment, two of you can share your feelings which hurts both of you and which is the main reason for your break up.

2. Make your Partner Believe about your Feelings

Sleeping With An Ex Is A Good Idea

It is quite natural when both of you have decided to share the bed that means you both have still a passion for each other. This is the chance to say that you still love him/her and want your relationship to develop. Make your partner realise about your passion and talk freely if you are interested to start again.

3. Make that Intimate Moment Special

$ex always gives you pleasure. When you have decided to have $ex with your ex-partner then try to make that intimate moment a special one. For an instance, decorate the bed with flowers, wear a $exy dress, use a strong perfume, and arrange some soft or hard drinks. Make this love making a memorable one. Whether you continue your relationship further or not that is a different thing but your special moment should be special.

4. Realisation of Mistakes

You have broken up mutually, that is okay but it is quite natural that you can’t remove the feelings for your partner which you are having. Have $ex with your partner and talk freely. Try to talk with those things which are the main reason for your breakup if you want to patch up again. If you realise your mistake, there is nothing wrong with apologizing.

5. Stress-Free


If you have moved on in your life but still feel nostalgic for those magical moments which you have spent with your partner then you can sleep with your ex. Having $ex after break up is not unhealthy. It might give you a stress-free life and removes all your anxiety and depression.

That is all about sleeping with your ex. Whatever your reasons are but always try to have safe $ex with your partner. $ex gives pleasure to your body, mind and soul. If you want to patch up and want to start a new life with your ex-partner then this is one of the ways to resolve.