Best Gyms Near Dadar West, Fitness Centers Fees Per Month

Best Gyms Near Dadar West 2024

Looking for the right gym can be tough, but Dadar has lots of good ones that match what you want to achieve and what you can afford. Here are some really good gyms to think about:

If you like to exercise early in the morning, checkout the list of best gym in Dadar 2024

VFitness Gym: This popular chain offers a spacious facility with state-of-the-art equipment, catering to all fitness levels. They boast convenient early morning hours starting at 5 am, ideal for those who prefer to get their sweat on before the day begins.

VFitness, Himmat mansion L. J Road, Opp Airtel Gallery, Near Shivsena bhawan, Shivaji Park, Dadar west, PIN: 400028, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400028
Hours: Open ⋅ 5 am–11 pm
Phone: 099698 73555

Slimwell Dadar: This gym offers an affordable membership option along with a decent range of equipment for cardio, strength training, and group fitness classes. They also have convenient extended hours, staying open until 10 pm most days.

Mayor’s, Dadar West, Shivaji Park, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400028
Hours: Open ⋅ 6 am–10 pm
Phone: 098333 46047

Best Gyms Near Dadar West, Fitness Centers Fees Per Month

Urja Unlimited Gym: This friendly gym fosters a supportive atmosphere, making it a great choice for those who enjoy working out with others. They offer a variety of classes, from Zumba to yoga, and boast positive reviews for their helpful staff.

88, Rd No. 3, Dadar East, Dadar, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400014
Hours: Open ⋅ 6 am–10 pm
Phone: 098922 13819

Ken Fitness Centre and IRON ADDICT FITNESS CLUB: These gyms cater to serious fitness enthusiasts, offering a wider range of equipment, including free weights and powerlifting platforms. They also have dedicated trainers available for personalized coaching, if desired.

Miya Mohd, Ground Floor, Plot 482, E wing Garden View Society, Mia Mohd Chhotani Rd, Mahim West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400016
Hours: Open ⋅ 6 am–12 pm
Phone: 080979 06936

These are just a few of the many gyms available in Dadar. Remember to think about where they are, what they offer, the classes available, and how much it costs to join. It’s a good idea to visit the gyms in person to see if you like them and if they suit your workout style.