Converting your PDF files into MS Word Doc file using Online OCR

Converting your PDF files into MS Word Doc file using Online OCR

For the various educational and office uses, there are several numbers of people in need of converting the PDF file into MS word doc file in order to do the various types of editing options. This is because you can’t able to change the font style, color or size, cut/copy and paste, adding charts or any other editing works in the PDF format. This is because the PDF format contains full of images in each and every page and you can’t able to edit anything in the image file. This is why everyone is looking for the best PDF to Word conversion software platform to convert your document into the editable format.

Converting PDF files into MS Word Doc file using Online OCR

Which is a right pdf to MS word conversion software?

When it comes to the PDF to MS word doc file conversion, there are so many numbers of software platforms currently available over the internet. From among them, Online OCR is one and only the best choice for all of you. Online OCR is nothing but the Optical Character Recognition software on the internet. This type of online service will provide a greater support to 46 languages including Korean, Chinese and Japanese languages.

In order to convert the PDF file into word document, first of all you should have the scanned copy of your PDF file and extract each and every page as the images in BMP, JPEG, JPG, GIF or TIFF formats and then convert into editable word or any other output formats you want. You can also convert the PDF file into simple text document or MS Excel document as per the individual needs. All the users just don’t need to install this online OCR software on your computer or mobile device. You can just open this website online and make use of the online copy of the software to recognize the characters and texts from the PDF document and convert into MS word doc file.

Steps to convert PDF to DOC:

1. In the first step of the conversion process from PDF file into MS word doc file using the Online OCR software, you should need to upload the PDF file which you wish to convert.

2. Next, it is essential to choose the language either it is English, Japanese, Portuguese, or anything you want. The language selection is the most significant task because your editable doc file will only be in this language.

3. In the third step, everyone should have to select desired output format and in this case you need to choose the doc or docx file format.

  1. Finally, you can click on the convert button which will start your file conversion process from PDF to DOC  and it will take a few minutes to complete. Once the file conversion has been completed, it will automatically send the converted doc file to your email id. This is why it is highly crucial to give a right email id in this platform without any single mistake.