11 Beautiful Instances of Having a Sister

11 Beautiful Instances of Having a Sister

Friends, best friends and boy-friends come and go but it’s your sister who will always stand by you, no matter what. She will support you in everything but at the same time she won’t hesitate in pulling your ears if you are on the wrong path. Presenting you few points which will describe why it is awesome to have a sister.

  1. Solution to every problem

Sisters are the best advisor one can ever find because she know your strength and weak point, hence she will give you such solution to your problem which will be easy to implement. She wills never advice you any such thing for which you have to face consequences.

  1. Straight forward

She will be brutally honest to you. She will bluntly tell you what suits you and what not. From clothes to your partner choice, she’ll judge them and will tell you what is good for you and what is not. As said, sisters are the best advisor. She will never ever give you any false hope on any matter. One can always count on their sister because she’ll never lie.

  1. Cringe-worthy secrets

One can share their deepest, darkest, craziest secret with sister. As mentioned above, one can always count on their sister. Secrets shared with sister remains deep buried in their heart. For once your best friend can betray you but sister won’t. That is why it is been said that sisters are the best friend that one can have. She’ll always have your back.

  1. An elder sister is a second mother

Having an elder sister is the best blessing one can have. It feels like being loved by two-two mothers. An elder sister loves you, cares for you, pampers you in the same way mother does. Sometimes even she is more than mother too because she protect you from mom’s scolding.

  1. Sisters are worst nightmare of your enemy

Sisters never spare those who try to harm you. No matter how much she harass you, embarrass you but if anyone else do that, then she won’t spare that person. She’ll make sure that in future that person is not seen in 50 meter radius of yours. She will not even think twice before kicking your boyfriend’s ass if he ever makes you cry.

  1. Personal stylist

She knows you better than yourself. She knows which colour suits you, what hairdo makes you look attractive.  She helps to dress you up for your dates, also for other parties too. She can give you the best makeover. She will always tell you when you look like a shit and of course, when you look beautiful.

  1. Emotional support system

On normal days she’ll not think twice before murdering you if eat her ice-cream but she will herself offer her ice-cream to you on your heart-breaks. To pamper you she’ll not just offer her ice-cream but will also buy you buckets-and-buckets of ice-cream just to cheer you up. She is a constant source of love.

  1. Bitching session

You can talk nonsense about anyone with her. She won’t judge because she knows you and also the people around which includes your friends, enemies and frenemies too. Without explaining, she’ll figure out that whether you are bitching about someone out of jealousy or that person worth deserving to be bitched about.

  1. Career advice

An elder sister gives you the best career advice. As she knows you since your birth, she is very much aware of your academic. Hence she is the best with who you can talk about your career plans. She can help you to choose better career plan because as mentioned above, you can always count on your sister. She is a constant source of encouragement.

  1. No judgement

Your sister accepts you back even after seeing you doing the weirdest, creepiest thing on the planet. From shouting on roof top when you are high to first sex story. She is the best listener you’ll ever find. She is the one who will grow old with you and senile you. Sisters are actual soul mate.

  1. Sharing clothes

The best part of having a sister is that her closet is your closet. She just doubles your cupboard.

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