Where to Find Bullet Resistant Glass for Cars? Some Tips


The bullet-resistant glass contains a combination of glass sheets and plastic films that are bound together to provide protection. Bullet resistant glass looks like a laminated glass and varies in thickness from 15mm to 65mm. It is perfectly legal to buy and install bullet-resistant glass for cars, armored vehicles, etc. Bullet-resistant glasses are widely used by the famous leaders, such as The Pope, presidents, prime ministers, businessmen and families.

Bullet Resistant Glass for Cars

Different Types of Bullet-proof Glass

  • Acrylic Glass– One of the most common types of bullet-proof glass is, acrylic glass. Acrylic is a hard, clear plastic glass that looks like a glass. Acrylic is stronger than glass, weighs less than glass and offers more impact resistance.
  • Polycarbonate- Polycarbonate is a type of plastic glass, but differs from acrylic in many ways. It is a soft plastic and comes with unbeatable strength. Polycarbonate is easy to work with, especially when dealing with varied thicknesses.  It can be combined in different layers to create a bullet-proof product.
  • Glass-Clad Polycarbonate bullet-resistant glass– This glass uses a combination of materials to get the desired results. A piece of polycarbonate can be either laminated or either sandwiched between the sheets of glass to mold the different materials together into one piece. The end-product of this glass will look like a glass but is more durable.

There are a number of factors to be considered when buying a bullet-proof glass. Bullet-proof glass can be used to bullet-proof windows, either on a vehicle or on a building. The objective of bullet-proof glasses is to prevent bullets from entering from the outside.

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