Stills From ‘Baar Baar Dekho’ Which Will Give You Relationship Goals!


Presenting Stills from ‘Baar Baar Dekho’ which will give you relationship goals!

1. Whoever said that Love is not about confessing but feeling it is partially wrong. Saying ‘I LOVE YOU’, ‘I MISS YOU’ etc is not a routine but expressing love care for the loved ones.

2. Lets talk about teenage love. 13-15 gal and guy respectively fall for each other and plan their whole future from marriage to kids. That’s cute. Knowing that this wont be true.
Love is not about being with each other for life long but living each moment with each other as long you are together.
3.Hanging out but just sitting next to each other doing your own thing and feeling comfortable.
AAii6BZThere’s something really nice about a hangout with your boyfriend that involves you reading a book while he watches his show. It’s nice to be able to do your own thing while still being together.

4. Having a whole conversation in inside jokes that no one else understands.
AAiibSqOne of the cutest relationship goals is getting to that point where you have enough inside jokes to have entire conversations together that other people don’t get.
5. Getting excited to see each other even after a long time of being together.

AAiih1OEven after years of dating, you should still feel a tiny bit of work uphill roughly getting to see your boo. Thats a to your liking sign!