Six Best Places for Foodies

Six Best Places for Foodies

Apart from the regular food-oriented cities that are often highlighted, we have other cities to explore for the food they serve.


Detroit is one the best places for a foodie to visit. The site is home to a variety of delicious food items from its traditional coneys, pizzerias (in their unique style) and barbeque. There are restaurants lined up with cuisines from different places which bring a food revolution. Slows Bar BQ is a classic for the barbeque lovers while Roast provides the best Steak in America. Maru Sushi & Grill features unique Japanese Sushi rolls. The restaurant offers outdoor seating so you can enjoy the serene atmosphere. For the seafood lovers, we have Voyager multiplying despite being located in a residential area. Enjoy a vast range of waffles at Kuzzo’s Chicken & waffles, from spicy I sweet-all that you need.

Las Vegas

The city of sins has it for food too! The vibrant nightlife in Las Vegas calls the need for exotic food that greets the stomach. The craven tourist city has multi-cuisine food corners (vegan or gluten-free or non-vegetarian, everything is taken care of) serving the best. The Black Sheep is a Vietnamese comfort food corner to the southwest adding a French touch to dishes like beet salad, braised pork Duroc, etc. Picasso is one of the few places that have 1500 varieties of wine in the cellar. They have specialized cocktails and creations from their Harvest Snack Wagons. The sin city has more- Steakhouses, barbeques, Pizzerias (try Pizza Rock) and a lot more but the diversity in the cuisines should be taken into account, and every visitor must try something out of comfort zone. The restaurants in the city are elite as the people visiting (but if you lose at the casino, you still have a buffet in Las Vegas that serves at a cheaper price).


The first World Heritage City in America has quite a brotherly love. While the cheesesteaks and soft pretzels are still in power, the history remains stationary. Philly has multifaceted dining cuisines with best chefs serving spans of different dishes at cheap cost. The Zahav is an Israeli restaurant famous for its doughnuts and fried chicken. Visit the Village Whisky to gulp down a sparkling cocktail and also burgers. Philly is a food-lovers paradise with many fast food corners like HipcityVeg and Honeygrow taking over the elite ones.


The beach city is a favourite vacation spot for every traveller, and it goes without saying, Miami has the best seafood to taste. The place offers multiple enticements not only with the travel places but also the food restaurants. Havana whips up the best Cuban food and charms the foodies with full-bodied island flavours. The South Beach Wine & food festival is the most significant food party that happens at the South Beach. In Miami, you will always find something new on the table. From Fritas at the El Mago de las Fritas to gator bites at The Pit Bar-B-Q and pastelitos at Yisell Bakery, the country has it all.


The fourth most populous city in the U.S is famous for its savoury chops. From most prominent restaurants to the local food corners, you’ll be surprised to see the variety and taste of food here. Try smoke-kissed beef ribs at Killen’s Barbecue and chicken-fried steak with BACON (Yes, bacon!) at Beaver’s. The potentially better seafood than Cajun-spiced crawdads is now available at Crawfish & Noodles with all garlic-butter soaked seafood (That’s foodgasmic). The one who has a soft corner for milk, savour the cake made out of three different milk varieties at Amricas/Churrascos (that’s the catch to moist dessert). The city is gaining its name for best food towns in America.


The Windy city has received awards for its food innovation, other than New York. Chicago has distinct eateries that offer you a lot of choices. The Cheese and caramel popcorn melt in your mouth like fluid. Fat Rice is a new restaurant exclusively dedicated to Macau, and it is possibly the only restaurant in the country. Their main menu serves Chinese sausage, jasmine rice, Portuguese chicken thighs, prawns, pickles and a lot of other mouth-watering food. You cannot live without trying them at least once (and then have it over and over again). Grant Achatz of Alinea is a dessert-special restaurant that serves fruit-flavoured balloons (can’t imagine? try!) and a final dessert of a 20-course meal (unbelievable) on the table!