Shaitaan Movie Review

Shaitaan Movie Review

Shaitaan starts strong, drawing you into a chilling scenario. A seemingly idyllic family vacation takes a nightmarish turn when a mysterious stranger, Vanraj (R. Madhavan), enters their lives. The first half is suspenseful, as Vanraj, claiming to be a god (“bhagwan”), exerts a terrifying hold over their young daughter. Madhavan is captivating, portraying a casual yet undeniably menacing presence.

However, the cracks begin to show in the second half. The plot takes a confusing turn, abandoning the initial intrigue for more generic horror elements. Vanraj’s character loses its nuance, devolving into theatrics and exaggerated rituals. The script falters, failing to deliver satisfying answers to the central mysteries surrounding Vanraj’s motives and the family’s fate.

Despite the narrative missteps, Shaitaan boasts some strong points. The performances are commendable. Ajay Devgn portrays the desperate father with conviction, and Jyotika shines as the distraught mother. The cinematography creates an unsettling atmosphere, and Amit Trivedi’s music effectively heightens the tension.

Overall, Shaitaan is a mixed bag. While the initial premise and performances hold promise, the film ultimately falters due to a weak script. If you’re looking for a genuinely scary experience, Shaitaan might leave you wanting. But for those who appreciate a good setup and strong acting, it could still be a moderately entertaining watch, albeit with a sense of disappointment at its unfulfilled potential.

Shaitaan had a strong opening day at the box office! There are some variations in the reported figures, but here’s a breakdown:

  • Net India Collection: According to industry tracker Sacnilk, the film raked in ₹ 14.75 crore net on its first day.
  • Gross Collections: Some sources, like The Indian Express, estimate a slightly higher figure including overseas collections, reaching ₹ 17.50 crore gross.

Article is written by Gemini