Restaurant Tech Trend: QSR POS

Credit Card

Quick service restaurants have traditionally operated on ticketing systems that keep things simple, minimizing their overhead and limiting payment options to cash in many cases. As consumer behavior has changed, that’s also changed, though, and today most chains take credit cards as a matter of course. With more and more demand every year for options like electronic payment chips and wide access to credit cards, today’s QSR operations are widely adopting the versatile and low-cost point of sale options that have made other small businesses so efficient over the last decade.

Picking Up Credit Card Processing Services 

It’s not enough to just decide you want to take cards, you need both equipment and processing services. While you can buy the equipment from a wide variety of sources, you’re going to find the best deals tend to come from companies that can also handle your payment processing. When you take credit cards, the transaction involves approval from the credit card provider and issuing bank, and then a series of transfers between their accounts and your merchant account. Merchant account providers incentivize their services quite frequently with deals on the equipment you need to start taking card payments.

Super-Charge Your Quick Service With Clover 

No brand of POS hardware has made the impact that Clover has in at least the last decade, if not longer. The original system redefined what a flexible POS option could be by providing a modular approach you could adapt to almost any business. The new Clover system builds on that, incorporating customer feedback to build in options your business can really benefit from.

  • EMV processing out of the box
  • Bigger display screen
  • Integrated time sheet management
  • Inventory tracking
  • Marketing insights

It also incorporated popular familiar features from the first generation in the design, like the ability to manage gift card sales and redemption. That makes it versatile enough to work for practically any company, especially when you see the extra tools for restaurants.

Compact Payment Management 

If you’re looking for a system with a tiny countertop footprint you can put wherever you have a checkout kiosk, look no further than the Booker POS. It uses the familiar Clover interface and its powerful modular toolkit while presenting a much smaller profile than the full-size system. While you will need to add on a physical cash drawer and printer if you want them, it’s got a low price point and the ability to process all existing electronic payment methods, so it will set your operation up for success out of the box. The best part about the Booker system is it can be managed remotely from your mobile device or PC.

Which One Is Best for Your QSR? 

The best choice for your restaurant is going to depend on your setup. If you’re operating from a mobile location like a food truck, you might want to consider a cellular machine like the Clover Flex. For other operations, the setup with the best combination of options for your specific needs will be the best one for your next purchase. Talking to a payment processing partner about those options can help you clarify your needs so you make a better investment, so make contact today.