Some Common Hair Mistakes and their Solutions

Some Common Hair Mistakes and their Solutions

Hair is the asset of every woman. Every woman dreams of having long and healthy hair so that she can perform various hairstyles in her hair. But in our daily life, we make some common mistakes which ultimately leads to damaging our hair. In this article, we will look out the mistakes and their solutions. Here are some of the common mistakes and their solutions. Let us check it out.

1. Shampooing the Hair

Many people think daily shampoo will help in removing the dirt and will also make their hair silky and smooth. But girl you are wrong. Have you ever realised how much damage you are doing to your hair! Shampoo consists of harmful chemicals which are not at all good for your hair. So the solution is that you should not apply shampoo on a daily basis. Just apply twice a week and get healthy hair.

2. Combing Wet Hair

This is one of the reasons for your unhealthy hair. You should not comb your hair when it is wet. Your hair cuticles break and damage also. Your hair remains weak, so when you are combing it, the hair comes out of your scalp. So the solution is to use a hairdryer. The dryer will help you to dry your hair.

3. Tight Ponytail


Many girls tie their hair tightly. This is not good for your hair. There is no doubt that this is a very nice hairstyle but you should realize its damaging effects also. The hair starts loosening and ultimately it will come out. The only solution is to change your hairstyle.

4. Applying Various Products

Applying different products is another common hair mistake. You have to realize that skin care products and hair care products are not the same. So, examine before applying whether it is suiting you or not. Always use herbal and medicated products as these products don’t contain many chemicals. You can apply henna once a month in your scalp.

5. Tying Wet Hair

Tying Wet Hair

Often girls tie their wet hair in a hurry. This can be more harmful to your hair. The wet hair as mentioned earlier are soft so they have the tendency to break down. Moreover, your hair will get a chance to dry naturally if it is tied. So the one and the only solution is to use a hairdryer. This will help you to dry your hair quickly.

6. Open Hair

Open Hair

Many girls like to go to their college or workplace by opening their hair. This is not a good idea. All the dust and dirt will enter in your hair and you will find your hair to be entangled. The solution for this is to tie your hair. Remember, you should not tie wet hair, toe only the dry hair.

Hair is the dead cell but it brings beauty in us. We always make some common hair mistakes in our daily life unconsciously. If we remain cautious then we will be gifted with natural, thick and healthy hair. These are some of the tips for your hair.