Monitor iPhone with Non-Jailbreak Monitoring Solution

Monitor iPhone with Non-Jailbreak Monitoring Solution

Are you looking for a monitoring application to spy on an iPhone without iOS jailbreak? Fortunately, there is a non-jailbreak monitoring solution for iPhones which enables the end-user to spy on the iOS-based smartphone of someone else. TheOneSpy is a well-known cross-platform surveillance app that supports both jailbreak and non-jailbreak iOS mobile phones and rooted and un-rooted Android cell phones. It comes preloaded with hundreds of features letting the user to monitor and manage the targeted cell phone without getting access. There is a time-based subscription of the spyware app varying in price with the subscription period. Read on to know the detail of the non-jailbreak iPhone monitoring app.

Main Features of Non-Jailbreak iPhone Tracking Software

The iPhone surveillance app is developed by an Australian based software company for legitimate monitoring of the cell phones of children and employees. Unlike to other iPhone monitoring apps rightly available in the spy market, the non-jailbreak iPhone monitoring app of TheOneSpy does not require the end-user to jailbreak the targeted phone to get it installed with spyware app.

The user only needs to provide the iCloud credentials of the targeted cell phone to get access to the data backup. Once the iCloud credentials of the surveillance app have been put on the online control panel of the spy software, it starts tracking the targeted iOS based mobile phone. Read on to know what this application allows doing without non-jailbreaking the targeted cell phone.

Monitor Messages

Have you ever wanted to read the cell phone conversations of your teens? The mobile phone monitoring app lets you read all the messages of your loved ones without getting access to their phones. You can spy on their SMS, MMS, iMessages and even instant messages. The spy app also lets you read deleted messages which you can miss even after accessing the targeted phone.

Monitor Phone Calls

Not just messages, the iPhone monitoring app also let you track the phone calls of your object. You can detect who made a call to your kids and at what time or who received a call from your kids and at what time. The surveillance app shows you the call logs containing detail of all incoming and outgoing phone calls. It includes call time, call duration, call frequency and name and phone number of the callers and recipients.

Monitor WhatsApp Chats

The instant messengers have grabbed the attention of youngsters and adults. While there are scores of communication apps letting the user to communicate with the people across the world using the internet, WhatsApp is the most notable messenger out there. The small and medium scale businesses have adopted this instant messaging app as their main tool for internal and external communication. Meanwhile, kids are busy getting their hands on the fun features of the social media app.

The non-jailbreak iPhone monitoring solution enables employers and parents to closely and secretly monitor the WhatsApp chats of their concerning individuals and groups. The spy app gets access to the text messages, thread conversations, photos, videos and audios received and transmitted via WhatsApp messenger. It enables parents to detect objectionable stuff on their kids’ phones, whereas, the employers can find out malicious content on their workers’ devices.

Monitor WhatsApp Calls

The whatsapp spy app also lets you track the voice calls made and received via WhatsApp messenger. You can track the WhatsApp calls of your offspring and workforces to make sure they are not engaged in any wrongdoing. Also, you can get the contact detail of the callers and recipients on messenger.

Monitor Chat of Kik Messenger

Monitoring the messages of Kik messenger is of great significance particularly for parents. If your teen daughter or son is using Kik messenger, you are required to monitor their online conversations. This is because the experts consider Kik as the most dangerous instant messaging app for children. The app is widely being used by bullies, predators, online criminals and scammers who take the advantage of the platform to access and victimize adolescents. The iPhone monitoring app lets you monitor instant messaging conversations of your kids to make sure they are safe online.

Monitor Contacts

The spyware app for non-jailbreak iPhones let you monitor the contact list of the targeted devices. This enables employers and parents to identify unwanted and suspicious contacts stored on the Phonebook of the targeted device.

Monitor Internet Use

The iPhone surveillance app for non-jailbreak devices gets access to the internet browsing history of Safari browser to let you know which websites have been visited by the target and what sort of information is searched on the internet. It also shows bookmarks to let you closely watch out the internet habits of the target.

That is not all. The non-jailbreak iPhone monitoring solution offers numerous other features to allow the user to track the cell phone activities of the target without leaving any clue of spying.