Makeup Tips for a Naturally Glowing Look

Makeup Tips for a Naturally Glowing Look

As they say, makeup is an art. Many of you might love makeup but not everyone can do it in the right way. A wrong stroke of brush here and there can spoil your entire look and a too generous amount of anything can make your skin look cakey and dull. While women simply adore makeup and can’t live without it, they also want to be called naturally beautiful. Achieving a more natural and flawless look through makeup needs patience and practice, with these tips you can surely achieve it.

Start with a clean base

To achieve a natural, flawless and dewy look the most important thing is to start with a clean base. Wash or cleanse your face with a cleanser or a mild face wash according to your skin type and then dab your face clean with a toner. Now wait for 2 minutes and take some ice and massage your face for 5 minutes. This ensures that all your pores are closed and also helps in setting your makeup and make it last long.

Moisturize the right way

The next step is moisturizing. Moisturizing is very important no matter what the season is if you want a glowing complexion and want your makeup to last long. Oily skinned beauties should use water or a gel based moisturizer typically formulated for oily skin and dry skinned one’s can go for a heavier creamy moisturizer. Those with a combination skin should moisturize every part of the face except the chin and the T zone. The technique to moisturize properly is to take a little amount and let it absorb totally into your skin and then apply another layer of it.

Concealer before foundation

This is a general rule if you want a flawless finish to your makeup. Start by concealing all your patchy spots on your face as much as possible and make sure to use a branded and an expensive concealer which is known to give high coverage. The concealer should exactly match your skin tone. After the concealing process, dot your entire face with foundation and do not massage or blend it. Instead, lightly dab your entire face part by part. First the cheeks, then the chin and the forehead. While you dab you will notice the foundation fading, start blending it in an outward stroke and blend until your complexion looks flawless.

Right way to apply Illuminator and compact

Now that your face is done and your skin looks flawless, you need to highlight your facial features like the cheekbones, the brow bones and the bridge of the nose to give your face a dewy and glowing look and also to sharpen your features. Always remember to wait at least 10 minutes before you apply the illuminator and the compact after the foundation. These 10 minutes are needed for your foundation to set up. Apply the illuminator or the highlighter in outward strokes and then blend everything in with the compact. Go easy on the compact as it is just needed to seal up your makeup. Too much of it will make you look cakey.