Unrealistic expectations of Men over women !!


Listing out some Unrealistic expectations of Men over women !!

  1. Boy: I want you to call me, not all the time, like sometimes. You understand?madhu-45

No. we girls don’t understand. One one side you want girl to call you but sometimes, as in not very frequently but when girl does that you backfire her by the term that you feel she is not interested in you anymore. Isn’t that was you who asked her to do so? Such Unrealistic expectations!!!

2. Boy: Act cool in front of my friends.qwb92vs

Does your girl got some common sense or not? If she have then there is no need of teaching her how to act in front of whom. And you guys say as if girl act like a monkey when they are not in public! And if guy say that his gal is crazy then ask didn’t he feel for her craziness, the madness she did when he first saw her.

3. Boy: Look hot, but don’t take so long getting ready11091032_926612990711872_5578805313218777229_o

Now this is like you wanna eat apple and don’t even want to walk to market to buy it.

4. Boy: i want you to discuss everything with me77_1473427252

Guys wanna talk and discuss everything with their lady love from sports car to sex, but in reality that’s not how it works. How about women starting discussing about the sell going in some xyz mall with his boyfriend, its awkward has guys have no inerest in such stuff but then too they want girl to talk about everything to them! That is totally an nrealistic expectations of men over women!!