Unrealistic Expectation of Girls From Their Boyfriends


Here listing some Unrealistic expectation of girls from their boyfriends

  1. Girl: Not check out any other womanmen-looking-at-women
    True to be yourself and count the number of time you guys are caught while checking out other woman. And what was the next thing happened with you? How your girlfriend reacted? your reaction would have been like “I was just looking at her not cheating on you”. A├é┬áscientific psychoanalysis found that people can’t physically control their at a loose cancel eye for half a second. Is this a reason men checkout other woman?

2. Girl: Why don’t you ever express your feelings and emotionsgiphyIs crying is the only method to express the feeling? Girl cry when they are happy and even when they are sad. So does that mean even guys do the same? And if guys do that then girls will call them ‘cry baby’!
3.Girl: Why are you not wearing the shirt i asked you to wear?arts-blackberry-phone-cat-cute-direction-favim-com-259445Girl we guys don’t have time to dress up like you. And to find a shirt which you asked to wear is impossible to find in cupboard in such short span of time. Possibly that shirt might be in my partner’s cupboard and we know how to share things. We don’t fight on one single comb!

4. Girl: I deserve to be treated like a queen. Pamper me all the timewww_litemode_ir_144796395959

Movies, Novels and television shows are responsible for such higher unrealistic expectation of women. They want their to men to hold her in his arm and take her on the walk. Come to her window at 12’o clock in the night. Take her on date at some island or something. Make them wear ear-rings and many more…which is totally unrealistic. In the starting of movie a slide of Disclaimer is there stating the characters of movie are just fiction and have no connection with reality.