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10 Ways to Handle Stress in a Healthy Way

1. Identify your stressors. The first step to managing stress is to identify what is causing it. Once you know what your stressors are,...

Things Which Should be Avoided/Not to be Done in a Relationship

MisunderstandingMisunderstanding is a root of many breakups, divorces. It not a process one day or two weeks, it take time to understand expectation...

4 Things at which girls usually do ‘Awww’

'Awwww' is trending and some men's are wondering why girls do that? Well guys, girl does not do that purposely, it naturally comes from...

Unrealistic expectations of Men over women !!

Listing out some Unrealistic expectations of Men over women !!Boy: I want you to call me, not all the time, like sometimes. You...

Unrealistic Expectation of Girls From Their Boyfriends

Here listing some Unrealistic expectation of girls from their boyfriendsGirl: Not check out any other woman True to be yourself and count the number...
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