3 Reasons Why Fighting Is Good For Your Relationship

3 Reasons Why Fighting Is Good For Your Relationship

1. Realization of Losing Loved One

When you have fear to lose someone that is called. Its the moment when you can’t imagine how your life would be without that person whom you love the most and lost  her/him for a silly fight. The realization of losing loved one strikes when the fight is over and may be an hour or two you re-call what exactly happened and why it happened. Though your partner would be wrong or may be right but what make you strive for her/him is the emotion which kept you connected.

2. It Pushes you to Make Yourself a Better Person

After an hour or two when you re-call about fight you realize what mistake you did and how much your loved one is hurt because of you. You try to do correction of it and this makes you a better person and make you think about someone else happiness and comfort. Fighting helps you know about the flaws of your partner as well and working on each other’s flaws will definitely help you two grow.

3. Keeps the Clarity Between Two

While fighting couples express their views and opinions about several things and also about each other. This gives a chance to couple to know what exactly your partner thinks. This help to solve the problems which is arising between two because of mis-conceptions. Fighting shows how your partner or you are not over powering the other. You both have equal rights and are not intimidated by each other. That is how it should be in a healthy relationship.