3 Reasons Why Your Website Is Not Attracting Right Audience

Web Design

The website is an integral part of every business today – If your site does not look right or perform well, it is not only repelling your customers but also leaving an adverse effect on your business reputation. Since websites are now the most potential platform for promoting business and getting the visitors attention, today we will share things that not only affect the sales but also repel site visitors in no time.LDV002

  #1: Design, Colors & Typography

The design is one of the main things that either engages the visitors or just repel them. Facts show that 94 per cent people trust site only due to the web design. Imagine you have sponsored deals or product on the social media or merely running ads campaigns elsewhere people would come to your site to get the proper information about your site. If your site lack quality design, improper layout or just too heavy to load it will eventually aggravate visitors that intrigue them to leave instantly.


With a custom web design, you are not only going to avail a beautiful attractive and impressive layout, but it will also help boost the reliability and build a level of trust instantly. Since people visits site to get updated information, an adhesive layout it will immediately grasp attention to read the content without making it look too painful even to understand.

So if you are looking for a balanced, professional and creative website, we recommend you to get started with custom web design services that help you build your business successfully.

#2: Speeds & Broken Links


Most sites are indeed designed very professionally. However, good site design is not all that it takes to convert visitors into paying customers. When a website goes live, many things give favour to your business one of which includes the quality of your site and links it contains. The richer quality your site will have the better it will serve online and will eventually help potential visitors to get the required information. Since there are a lot of things such as content, images, video and site design itself, it affects the load time of the site that is one of the major mistakes many sites has. With custom web design, it becomes a lot easier to make the content compressed and optimized to boost the site load which give a seamless experience to navigate and tap an option to get the information. If your business website takes too long to load, you are undoubtedly losing business with more 34 % due to the lack of speed that is one of the main reason why people leave your site instantly. If you are unable to find out why your site is taking too long to load here are few more technical reasons that you need to fix immediately to get the site fixed on time.

  • Large Size Images
  • Third Party Code
  • Cache Errors
  • Frequent Redirects
  • CSS files & JavaScript

#3: Responsiveness Matters


A responsive website means that no matter from which device your visitors are approaching your website, it must not create any difficulty in viewing any aspect of the site. From mobile, tablet to personal computers of all kinds, a screen size never affect the website layout which disturbs the friendly connection between the visitors and the business site. Since most businesses site are not responsive, they tend to receive complaints regarding the not being able to perform the specific task or press or use any particular option such as sign up or get a free quote. These errors occur when a site is not adequately designed to perform flawlessly, and hence we recommend you get started with professional and custom web design that not only gives pleasing effects on visitors but also boost your business impression and sales evidently.


By – Jenna Dove | Digital Marketing Executive at Logo Design Valley

Jenna Dove: Digital Marketing Executive at Logo Design Valley, Dallas – Texas. We help established businesses, startups and entrepreneurs to get started with professional custom website design, logo, branding and much more in affordable price package.

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