How can Servicenow Asset Management Software Help you Manage Assets Within Your Organization?

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Regardless of the size or field, every organization has certain physical assets that need to be tracked, managed or categorized. The various purchases or objects that your company invests in on a daily basis should be recorded so that they can be tracked by various facets of the business ranging from accounting to facilities management.  Several years back, the process was handled through spreadsheets. But with the proliferation in the science and technology, it is now possible to manage assets with the asset management software easily and effectively.  In this post, we will be explaining how ServiceNow Asset Management software can help you manage various assets in your company hassle-free.


What is Asset Management Necessary?

The advanced science and technologies have given rise to increasingly complex cloud technologies, license-based software, and usage-based software. If you are searching for asset management software that can help you manage and track your assets, there are certain things to be kept in mind. The first thing to pay attention to is, determining which assets you need to track. Do you have company phones to track? Or do you need to manage your servers, desktops, laptops or software licenses. Once you have known what kind of systems you need to track or manage, you can find a system that delivers the best value.

What is ServiceNow SAM Charter?


ServiceNow SAM Charter is an internationally recognized consultancy offering enterprise-wide software & IT asset management solutions. The aim of SAM Charter is to keep your IT & SAM system streamlined to your business requirements. ServiceNow SAM establishes a solid framework for effective asset management and ensures best-practice principles that can easily manage your IT estate.

There is no denying that IT organizations have a number of assets to manage which are both costly to buy and maintain. Therefore, asset management plays a vital role in helping the teams to ensure effective use of the resources in meeting the needs of the business or users.

Different Types of IT Asset Management

Asset management is of different types. Some of the major types of asset management are mentioned below:

  • Digital Asset Management- Digital asset management is a form of electronic media content management. It is a part of the company’s intellectual property management and is concerned with managing digital assets such as photos, videos or digital data.


  • Software Asset Management- Software asset management is associated with the effective management and protection of software assets. This management ensures all software used within an organization are properly managed or paid in compliance with licensing agreements.


  • IT asset management– IT asset management includes practices that join inventory, contractual and financial functions to make strategic decisions for the IT environment.

ServiceNow Asset Management Software can help you oversee the data input and produce quality results. No matter you want to ensure business continuity management or want disaster recovery, you can have a peace of mind that all your needs will be handled in an effective manner. Apart from this, you can also manage the other aspects of your business including- information security, patching and version control and CMDB creation and maintenance.

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