5 Most Celebrated Luxury Brands in India


India is having a historic and long relationship with fashion and luxury. Lifestyle habits of Indian royals were famous for indulgences in precious gems, fine garments, classy makeup, exclusive accessories which rivaled the predilection of their western counterparts.

With the time, the fondness of luxury brand is on rage. The luxury brands in India are perceived as glamour, style statement, and prestigious. They allure to the aspirational lifestyle of consumers like as a desire to be daring, bold or exhilarating.

Fashion brands like Armani, Aldo defines a fashion trend. Brands can build many different paths to communicate in the pursuit to build luxury.
ARMANI:  People need to like what they are going to wear, so the style and design are important. But when it comes to building a relationship, one cannot beat the brand. The more a person will spend and purchase, the greater the role will be played by brand in making a decision. Fashion experts define this brand as one of the luxurious and leisured apparel brand. It serves the best quality to people without compromising the quality.


BURBERRY: In the race of luxury fashion brands, one of the famous sumptuous sign is Burberry. Fashion experts define this brand to be famous for accessories, bags, shoes and lots more to go. In the perspective of fashion, this brand is not what customer’s rupee or dollar purchase; it’s about how fashion fits clientele expectations, lifestyle, and self-perception.


CHANEL: This is one of the recognized and coveted brands all over the world. Out of the entire opulent brands, experts in the industry says that this brand is woman’s love, passion and one of the luxury element, whom they cannot live without. It gives you all the embellishment and style to live. One of the most common accessories, favorite of women includes bags, Chanel bags.


DIOR:  One of the recognized brands, DIOR is a luxury brand which turns the statements of fashion. Experts define DIOR as one of the top and stylish make-up brand which not only enhances your look but will also add a charm to your fashion accessory. Be different with the make-up products of DIOR.


ALDO: It is renowned as a popular fashion brand as it provides an unparalleled selection of latest accessories and footwear. Fashion people define it a best brand because consumers will find the great quality and affordability in the accessories as they have come to expect.

Apart from being a matter of prestige and respect for fashion folks, the brands are seen as a demand. People love having branded clothes, accessories, shoes in their wardrobe irrespective of financial portfolio. Economic low down might have affected the luxury brands but the craze and desire among fashion freaks remains a matter of push.