6 Worst Reasons Why People Chose to Stay Friends With Ex

6 Worst Reasons Why People Chose to Stay Friends With Ex

Here presenting you set of 6 such reasons why people often chose to stay friends their ex. Have a look:

1. You have the same Friends:


One big reason staying friends with ex is a common friends circle. You don’t want your group to be affected because of your breakup. Hence you decide to maintain a good friendly rapport with your ex. But we forget one thing that an ex can never be a normal friend. You have a history and it will keep affecting your current and future.

2. You still love them:

You want to be friends with you ex because you find it difficult to move on as you still have feeling for him/her then this can be one worst reason of stating friends with ex. Being around him/her won’t help you to heal but will make you suffer more because an ex can never be a normal friend. You’ll never treat him/her just like any other friend. You’ll always have higher and different expectation from him/her just like before. It will piss you off if he/she starts treating you like their other friends.

3. You are lonely


When you were in relationship, all your time was for your partner. The long endless phone calls, late night texting and many more thing stop abruptly after breakup. Because things changed over the night, it gives rise to the feeling that nothing has left to be done and you start feeling lonely. You start realizing that now you are left with no friends to talk and hangout because you stopped giving them time when you were in relationship. Post break up if you chose to be friends with ex just because you feel are scared to be lonely then that is the one worst reason of staying friends with ex.

4. Because your ex want so

Staying friends with ex because he/she want you to stay in his/her life. Probably he/she would be doing this for purpose. May be he/she trying to mend this by being friends and may be later they try to patch-up. Don’t just say ‘Yes’ right away just because you never refused for anything to him/her.

5. Stalking

Being friends with ex to keep a tab on him can be one worst reason. You need to realize that its over between you two and you need to move on and let him/her live his/her own life. You need to stop interfering into the stuff. If you are stalking him/her so that they won’t land up with another wrong person than you are fooling yourself with this reason.

6. Last option

This one can be big selfish reason to be friends with ex. Its a desire to keep your ex around just in case you can’t find someone better. You are not being fair with him/her nor with yourself. Sometimes such friendship end up like ‘Friends with benefits’.

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