3 Things You Should Never Ask Your Boyfriend

3 Things You Should Never Ask Your Boyfriend

Here describing 3 Things You Should Never Ask Your Boyfriend. Guy find these three questions very annoying and for healthy relationship try avoiding these things.

  1. “Do you find Sunny Leone attractive?”

Guy think: Girl are you seriously asking me this? Who doesn’t? If I say ‘YES’ then you’ll go mad at me and if I say ‘NO’ I will doubt myself that ‘m i gay or what. It just means we have eyes and we like to explore. And why on the earth you are asking me this?

2.“What should i wear for a date?”

Guy think: Whatever we chose you are going to make an excuse for not wearing that. You will end up saying “In this I look fat”, “My butts look bigger”, “Doesn’t suits my color tone” etc and that hurts. On one hand you are asking for the suggestion/opinion and on the hand you make excuses. So its better you choose it on your own. We love you for who you are not the dress which you gonna wear for a date.

3.“We need to talk. Can we?”

This is the biggest nightmare for every guy. Because when girl say this, they have made a list of mistake her guy did in last 15-30days and she is gonna blast that on their head and Guy don’t eve have a clue what wrong they did. Kind off its a nail-biting situation for them.
Hundred of question start in the mind “She wanna breakup?”, “Is she upset with me?”, “She is pregnant or what?” etc. And then, when the moment comes, mostly girl end-up talking about the things which doesn’t relate to any serious issue. They talk about stuff such as she fought with her parents last night, She got less marks in exam, She is going out of town for sometime so can’t hangout for a while, etc…..