Best Herbal Shampoo for Dry and Damaged Hair

Best herbal Shampoo for Dry and Damaged Hair

Having beautiful hair is the dream of every person and for that even sometimes we go for the beauty treatments. These beauty treatments costs much but for the sake of beautiful hair you have no regret spending so much money but as the treatments are based upon chemical products that’s why can damaged the hair. So, don’t you think it is not the great idea to spend thousands for damaging your hair as you have option to choose best herbal shampoo?

As the name suggests these shampoos are herbal products and so created with natural items. Today we will discuss the recipes of best herbal shampoo that are not only prepared at home but also free from side effects or damage effects. These organic herbal shampoos help the hair to grow better and relieves the hair problems like dandruff. It provides a new shine and life to them

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Most of the chemicals shampoos whom you are dependent labeled that they are made with natural items abut actually the chemicals present in them are not good for health of hair. You must also check the label before purchasing any of the shampoo as a content named sodium lauryl sulfate is a chemical which you have to avoid. Actually it is a synthetic foaming agent but the regular usage of the same can give way to cataract and some of the allergies to the skin like hair loss and dandruff. It is good that you use that shampoo twice or three times in a year but regular usage is just not good for you.

Even some of the shampoos contains chemicals based perfumes which are added to provide fragrances but do you know that the fragrances which loved by your nose are completely no for your scalp because they are not good for skin. The thing that can save you from the side effects desired some efforts as you have to prepare shampoos at your home or can use some of the remedies which wash the hair and even don’t hurt them anymore. Even before making shampoo you have to know the type of your hair.

People with normal hair are considered lucky as they have wide range of herbal products to make the hair look stunning. Herbs named chamomile, marigold, horsetail and red clover crushed with rosemary, or lavender flowers and the solution is used to hair growth. This is one of the best herbal shampoos. Wash the hair daily with the shampoo for better results.

Dry Hair people must take red clover, comfrey leaves, orange flowers crushed, crushed lavender flowers, chamomile, elder flower and marigold. Blend the all well and add a small amount of jojoba oil to it. It will give you mixture which can be used like shampoo.

Oily hair is the result of environmental problems, due to poor diet and some may have the problem due to heredity. Take peppermint leaves, nettle leaves, burdock leaves, rosemary leaves, tea tree leaves, lemongrass and roots of orris. Crush well and use in place of your shampoo to get oil free healthy hair.