This Is What Your Social Media Posts Say About Your Relationship


Nowadays people may forget to eat one time meal but they won’t fail to update their activity on social media. People keep their fans/friends/followers posted about their activity. People share every life event on social media and so the relationship news too. Presenting few points which describes what couple’s relationship post on social media actually says:

1. May seek likes when you’re unsure about love2091885_0Person frequently posting picture with his/her partner, when they are in a newly started relationship. Sometimes it more look like as if they are taking public opinion on how they look together, whether his/her worth it or not.

  1. Possessive changing relationship status to putting on dp with partner and tagging him/her in each post, all these activities says that the person is very possessive about his/her partner. It more looks like he/she own his/her partner.
  1. Lesser the post=More happier you areWhy-Happy-Couples-Post-Less-About-Their-Relationship-on-Social-MediaHappy couples usually avoid social platforms when they are with each other. They don’t pose for social media nor do they go on movie date with a purpose to update on social media about the same with location. Happy couples love each other’s company and don’t want public validation for it.
  1. Self-esteem depend on relationship statusCouple-texting-phone-sms-fight-866x487If a person clicking picture with his/her partner for the only purpose to share on social media, then it clears states that his/her self-esteem depends on the relationship.
  1. Love promotionSelfieWhen an individual’s social media account is no more an individual account as his/her wall if flooded with all lovy-dovy cuddling pictures with partner. Some couple even share their few intimate private moments too on social media. After certain limit, people who are following him/her will not call them adorable or love birds. They’ll call it a show-off, desperate, etc.

6. Trying to incite jealousyannoying-couple-social-mediaPosing sexy with partner and uploading it on social media can also be done to make ex jealous to make him/her realize what he/she lost! People usually do this in the very initial stage for their relationship. Some people also fake their relationship just to make their ex jealous.

  1. Open love letters800This is a very new trend of writing 300 words long letter on social media for the loved one, expressing how he/she feel about his/her partner and tagging them in it and making people go aww-awww for it. It looks like a complete PDA! Sometime it crosses the limit of being cheesy.
  1. Genuine oneAlice_at_Bella's_birthday_partyCouple sharing picture on their anniversaries or wishing birthday, on valentines are adorable. In other words pictures shared on some specific occasions seem to be genuine. Such posts describe them as a genuine couple who are not immature trying to grab everyone’s attention.

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