8 Reasons Why Happy Couples Rarely Share Their Relationship Statuses on Social Media


1. Happy couples are so much into each other that they don’t have time to update relationship status on social media6941060-photo-1461009209120-103a8f970745-1475160189-650-e7fc575bdc-1491571551Posting ‘deeply madly in love’ with picture with your partner on social media, telling the world you are happy doesn’t actually make you happy soul. It describes that you are in living in an illusion or pretending to be happy.
Happy couple rarely do all these stuffs like- updating relationship status and posting PDA pictures, because according to them these things have less priority than spending time with each other.

2. Happy couple don’t share their relationship on social media to avoid uninvited problems6941260-sotsset3-1475221542-650-a0a0aaba73-1491571551Uninvited problems don’t include family. One can easily deal with family but not with relatives who provide free broadcasting service.

3. Happy couple are not insecure. They trust each other. 6941110-photo-1467730572233-b2d465ec6e89-1475160158-650-229433d994-1491571551What you’ll get by telling the world that he/she is yours? A confirmation that now on no one will hit on your partner now onward? You are telling world about your relationship just because of this reason, than you need to know that you are insecure and it is not a good sign of healthy-happy relationship.

4. No social media makes life easier6941310-sotsset2-1475221534-650-fe48f5969b-1491571551

Keep checking the number of likes and comments you got on your PDA picture on your date night can surely be a big turned off for the evening. Happy couple would like to rock the dance floor, instead of checking notification.

5. Offline argument is better than the online ones6941360-sotsset1-1475221548-650-bbec1e9b8f-1491571551Happy couple stays happy because they choose to sort out problems face to face instead of fighting online. Sometimes a normal chat turns into a heated argument leading to ugly fight.

6. Others nasty comment can be reason of fightstills (23)Every person has at-least one weird, nasty person in the friend list whose comments are unpredictable and unwelcomed one. Possibly that nasty person can be your friend who didn’t wrote wishes on your relationship post, but  scribbled down shitty thing leading you to worse circumstances.

7. People do spy on you. Happy couples do not invite trouble!ian-somerhalder-nina-dobrevIt is hard to find out that type of enemy who use friendship mask to hide. Possibly they can misuse your PDA picture which you posted on social media. Not every parent knows about their children’s relationships and not every parent is cool enough to understand it. Parents are the weakest link of your relationship if they are not aware about your partner.

8. Broadcasting issuescody-black-327757Revealing problems about on social media is a least effective method available for sorting issues. It include participation of third party which normally leads to worsen consequences.

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