Things Which Should be Avoided/Not to be Done in a Relationship

  1. Misunderstandingcouple-cute-love-favim-com-321582

Misunderstanding is a root of many breakups, divorces. It not a process one day or two weeks, it take time to understand expectation of partner. It good if misunderstanding is sorted at initial stage or else it will create a huge mess often resulting in separation. So misunderstanding should be avoided in a relationship.

2. Never compare your partner, especially with your ex! edb2ba952c3c6542125288e47c049475

Comparing your boyfriend or girlfriend with you ex, like for example “My ex use to do this thing in that way….and you dont..” it hurts. Avoid comparison. Everyone is unique in their own. Realize that Your ex is your past, and the person with whom you are right now is your present as well as future.

3. Never Hate yourselfadorable-beautiful-boy-couple-cute-favim-com-326718

A love and relationship coach Jennifer Spaulding said  that,”Hating or disliking yourself sets up an unhealthy relationship dynamic. When you love and accept yourself, you’re less likely to tolerate unloving behavior from your partner or anyone else”.

4. Never avoid your partner when he is saying something to you, even if  it is not important!AAii6BZMany cases we have heard and read about girls playing candy crush or guys playing clash of clans end up at breakup. Reason is they are so much involved in the games that they don’t pay attention when their partner is trying to talk to them. A relationship needs focus and such distraction create huge mess.

5. Support and Accept your partner instead of criticizing rk-and-madhu-madhubala-ek-ishq-ek-junoon-34322281-893-542

When you fell for him/her you loved them the way he/she was. Then why after getting into a relationship you want to modify that person? Is that any need? Agree, that person should be upgraded according to the current lifestyle but not on the stake of their comfort zone. Never criticize your partner if he/she is not ready modification that you want. May be its too early or its hard to adapt.