4 Things at which girls usually do ‘Awww’


‘Awwww’ is trending and some mens are wondering why girls do that? Well guys, girl does not do that purposely, it naturally comes from in depending upon the situation. Here listing 4 Things at which girls  usually do ‘Awww’

  1. When they see a cute dog. They saw ” Aww! such a cute dog”
    For example: pugCute girl taking a photo with her dog
  2. When guy take care of a girl.
    For example: In situation like guy is taking care of his girl when she is sick or something, they saw, “Awww! you are so sweet. M lucky to have you”taking-care-sick-girlfriend
  3. When guys compliment girl for her beauty. Girl say “Awww! really.. Thankyou so much”.
    And guys if you failed to notice that big smile on her face, then please notice the next time she react so. women-compliments
  4. When guy dd something stupid, and girl finds it cute they react “Aww! you such a sweetheart”!!6tag-1422903044-1287341707280604628_1422903044