Biggest Dating Turn Offs That Can Irritate Your Partner Very Easily

Biggest Dating Turn Offs

The list comprises of biggest dating turn offs which one should not practice. Have a look on the following points:

1. Double dating

It sounds exciting planning a double date with your friend but it turns out to be a big turn off. ‘Date’ is a quality time to be spent only with love of your life. Sometimes double date is equivalent to ‘friends hangout’.

2. Forgetting the manners

Pulling chair for lady is never outdated. These small etiquette gets noticed. Every women want her partner to make her feel special when she is with him. The very first and simplest way to make her feel special is opening door for her, pulling chair for her. Forgetting manner can be a big turn off for any women. She may make a mind of never meeting that person ever again.

3. Unrealistic expectations

Nowadays people compare their lives with films and serials. This is the reason why they have unrealistic expectations from their partner. For example, after watching ’50 Shades Series’ people have desires of trying certain parts on it in real life and its outcome is not what they hoped for. People desire to have some fairy tale wedding and dates like Cinderella which is surely not possible in real life. Having unrealistic expectation are biggest dating turn offs.

4. Pretending

To impress someone you can pretend to be someone who you are actually not. One can pretend for weeks or few months but can’t pretend for rest of the life. Someday the significant other will know who you actually are and that can be one biggest turn off your dating life. Just be what you are instead of trying to be someone else. Be unique with your flaws.

5. Not feeling the emotions

Pretending to be madly in love when actually you are actually not. You are not feeling any emotions for the significant other but pretending because you don’t want to hurt his/her feelings. As said above, one can pretend for weeks or few months but not for a lifetime. It is totally okay if you don’t feel the same way. You need to be honest. Dishonesty is a big turns off dating.

6. Getting physical

It’s highly recommended that one should not get too physical in the first few dates. First few dates are for exploring the likes and dislikes about the significant other. It is about spending quality time together and strengthening the bond. One should not get physical without knowing the significant other is ready for it or not. You need to take a consent before taking your relationship to next level.

7. Being dominating or very controlling

Commanding is biggest turn off of any relationship. You need to give space and freedom to let it grow. Never try to impose your decision on someone else. Being dominating, manipulative are biggest turn offs.

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