Top Signs Of Flirting – How To Get A Girl Interested In You

Top Signs Of Flirting - How To Get A Girl Interested In You

The first step while flirting is that you have to look for signs of interest with whom you are flirting. Following given is the list of the signs and if you are flirting, you must check the signs in the body language of the person you are with.

If you get at least 4-5 signs matched with you than it is a green signal for the future relationship with the person.

Top Signs of Flirting


If you got the similar posture of you and the person with you are flirting then it is a sign. Also, if he/ she are doing the same things at the similar time rather consciously or unconsciously developed a rapport with you.

Also, if he/ she are following the same routine then it is another sign. You can even check this by changing a bit in your routine. As you go for a walk daily and for a day you can go just 15 minutes late and after reaching the place you can notice the anxiousness on the face of your partner.

Lengthy Eye Contact

It is the most important sign. You can make an eye contact with friends for 4 seconds or more but in lovers, this is not the right amount.

If you are flirting with someone and get a stronger message by eye contact then the fire is burning the other way too. Eyes not only show the love but it can also express the hatred.

Where Feet and Body are Pointing

If the person with whom you are flirting is happy with you then her body language tells you the truth as he/ she will speak by turning the face towards you.

If he is not interested in you then the face can be toward you but his legs and feet pointing somewhere else, it can be towards the main door. This situation is applicable if both of you are alone in the room. In a group, you can’t see the sign.


A person then only touches you if both of you are close enough. These signs can be: rather putting the hand on the table if put over the shoulder, a woman doesn’t want to touch first but if she likes you then she would like to be touched. Lingering touch gives the ides of a strong flirting signal.

Leaning in Towards You

It is a definite sign of interest. Generally, it is accompanied by open arms and legs. Those who lean away from you, keep the legs and arms crossed. If the person is lean toward you then you have to be happy as you are now ready to move to the next stage of flirting.

Raise the Eyebrows upon First Meeting

When you ask for a meeting if he/ she raise the eyebrow that means he is showing interest which is a clear indication of flirting sign. You have to quickly look to him for getting the reaction as well as interest as it can just last for few seconds.