What’s the best calling card for international?

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International calling cards in the US is big business. It is estimated that millions of people buy calling cards that allow them to place calls to international destinations from the US. For most people, the card enables them to make calls at affordable rates no matter the destination. If your current calling planning is expensive when calling outside the country, then a calling card is the best option.

The majority of phone cards used for international calls are pre-pay, meaning that they are loaded with minutes at the point of purchase. The minutes vary from one company to another, making it important to choose the most suitable one. Fortunately, calling cards are easy to use and quite convenient for both young and older people.

How to buy an International Calling Card

Calling cards are easy to find and are sold at gas stations, newspaper stands, convenience stores as well as some online stores in the US. It is possible to walk in and buy a calling card of your choice and make calls within the shortest time possible. However, it is important to understand how the cards work to enjoy their full benefits. Some of the things to keep in mind while purchasing a calling card include:

  • Most of the best international calling cards have hidden fees attached to them that should be made clear at the point of purchase. These fees include hang-up fees, connection fees, and weekly fees for just owning the card. It is important to understand the different types of fees before buying a calling card.
  • Ensure that the company offering the card is reliable and will allow you to make clear calls the country of your choice. Most times, placing a call to someone abroad can come with a few hitches, but when working with a good company, you are assured of a smooth conversation. Also, consider buying international calling cards that offer an extra value beyond the minutes.
  • Read through the terms and conditions of the calling card is also essential to ensure that you do not violate them. Different countries have their laws regarding communication, which should be respected even if you are calling from a liberal country like the US.
  • Go for low cost and high quality when buying calling cards for international destinations. Most times, calling another country from the US is quite expensive, and it is advisable to buy a card that allows you to save a few coins but still enjoy a clear voice call.
  • Buy a calling card from an online platform instead of a physical store. The advancement of technology has made it possible to buy an online card and enjoy the same benefits as that of a physical card. However, these cards have terms of usage that should be adhered to as well. Also, they have hidden fees that should be reviewed before purchasing them.

Top 5 Cards for Calling Globally

The decision to buy an international card that allows you to make calls from the US is usually the first step. However, finding the right one for you may require a bit of effort so that you can enjoy all the value the card has to offer. Some of the top cards you can use to call international destinations are listed below.

  1. AT &T Prepaid

The pre-paid card from AT &T is one of the most popular cards in the US. It is sold at major outlets and comes preloaded with one hundred and twenty-five minutes. The rates applicable when using the calling card are one of the lowest, especially for those using it to call locally within the US. When buying the card, you can be assured of no hidden charges or monthly fees. Users of the calling card can recharge it as they desire or after a year when the card value expires.

  1. Zuzume

Zuzume is a calling card ideal for people that want to make cheap international calls that are high-quality. The card is quite popular because of its unique features that include the lowest global call rate. Owners of the card can use it with their mobile provider so that they save up to ninety percent in cost. Additionally, the card never expires, and users are not charged any extra fees when they purchase it.

  1. Videtel

The phone card from Videtel is one of the best for those that make regular calls to international destinations from the US. It is available in two versions, namely international and global & domestic, with the former used for only calling global destinations and the latter both globally and locally. These two calling cards are available at $15 and $30, respectively, which is quite affordable. They can be used to call a variety of countries in Latin America, Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East at fair costs.

  1. Orange Micro

If you are looking for a phone card that will give you the best value when making international calls, Orange Micro is your ideal choice. The calling card is dedicated to calling thirty destinations in Europe at an affordable rate. Users of the card enjoy several benefits such as half an hour call time, two hundred texts, 3G internet and 14-day credit after first use. If you are planning to visit Europe, and will make a lot of calls locally, this a right choice for you.

  1. Callers Select

Making phone calls to specific countries abroad at a lower rate is possible when you invest in a Callers Select phone card. The card is available for those that frequently call countries like Japan and the Philippines with various benefits attached to it. However, you can also decide to buy a Callers Select Choice card that makes it possible to reach people in other countries through landlines or mobile phones.

In general, calling cards are a great way of communicating with personal friends or work acquaintances in another country, without spending too much money connecting with them.