Getting Your Duct or AC Replaced in North Berkeley, California

Duct or AC Replaced

If you’re in the North Berkeley area in California, you probably know that eventually, you’re going to need to have your air conditioning unit or even more importantly, your duct’s replaced. There are numerous things that need to be checked however when it comes to replacing the ducts in your home, and the best way to do this is by hiring a quality HVAC professional company from this website in order to get the best service and unlimited heating and air conditioning solutions for years to come. So how do you find that true professional? We’ll tell you right here.

Look Around for the Right AC Repair Company

There are a ton of HVAC companies, but believe it or not, there are probably only a handful that primarily service your area. The first tip we can give you is to look for a company that services your direct area which can give you the most reputable experience possible. You want a company that has a great website in place, lots of information on it, and even more importantly, you want to check their reviews. Don’t hesitate to contact them as well, so you can get some feedback and see what kind of personality they have. Ask your friends and family what they think of each contractor you name off of your list as well as your neighborhood.

Ask the Company for References Too

When you get the chance to actually interview your contractor, they generally understand that you’re not going to make a decision (and we highly advise you don’t) when you first meet them without knowing every detail about what the company is about. Ask for a few references, and ask when they did these projects. If they say that the projects were more than six months ago, then you may want to ask for the two most recent contracts as well, because this way you can ensure you don’t get a sugarcoated answer.  Don’t just settle for the contracted information, but also ask for the contact info of the past customers and be sure you give them a call.

It’s Important to Have Qualifications

Just like you wouldn’t want somebody that just says they know how to work on your computers do the job because of the chance that they could actually do more damage than good, right? Well for this same reason, you want to make sure that an HVAC technician or air conditioning repair company can actually provide the same qualifications that they need according to the state of California in order to get the job done right.

You also want to make sure that you get a company that can provide a proof of insurance for you. Every contractor that works for your house should be at least liability insured (as well as all of their subcontractors and even their journeymen). You can actually almost guarantee this when it comes to family-owned businesses too.


Hassler Heating and Air Conditioning have the tools and the experience that you need in order to get the job done when you need your heating and cooling ducts, or even your AC unit replaced. They offer top quality materials, and combine that with the best customer service for the entire Berkeley area.