Fun Crafting Projects for the Kitchen

Fun Crafting Projects for the Kitchen

Kitchens are the heart of the home. This is where we cook, bake, entertain, eat, and catch up with family. It’s only natural that this is a room you want to personalise, whether through décor or design. The good news is that it’s easy to do and you can have fun at the same time!

Have Fun with Kitchen Crafts

There are lots of ways to personalise a kitchen design, from granite worktops Bury to bespoke painted cabinets, but if you want a weekend project that doesn’t cost a lot of money, why not get stuck into some kitchen crafts?

Decorated Mason Jars

Glass mason jars can be used in a multitude of crafting projects. Pick up some new mason jars from a home store or recycle existing ones. Use paint to add patterns and other designs. Wrap string and wool around the neck of the jar and attach some hand-made cards to annotate what’s inside. You can glue decorative knobs on the lid for an extra touch.

Use your decorative mason jars to store herbs and spices, and dried goods like rice, pasta, cereal, lentils, etc. They are super useful if you have a pantry.

Resin Fridge Magnets

Making fridge magnets is a fun project you can do with the kids. Pick up an epoxy resin kit and use it to make some cool fridge magnets. You can add colour pigments and natural materials for decorative effect. Pick up flowers and leaves from the garden, or shells from the beach. Mix different colours of resin and pour into small moulds along with flowers, leaves, and/or shells.

Once the resin is dry, glue a small magnet to the back and use it as a fridge magnet! They’ll also work just as well on a kitchen whiteboard, for holding notes, letters, and recipes.

Painted Tea Towels

We can never have enough tea towels! This project is fun and easy, and you can add a fresh new stack of decorative tea towels to your existing pile.

To get started, visit your local home store and pick up some plain cotton tea towels. Use good quality fabric paint to decorate your tea towels. There are loads of ways to do this. If you are feeling artistic, you can hand-paint designs onto the fabric. Alternatively, buy some stencils and use these instead.

Go with a design that matches your existing décor, such as botanicals or abstract shapes and colours. If you use letters or number stencils in the design, make sure you reverse them so that they read correctly.

Always follow the instructions for the fabric paint, so your completed tea towel design isn’t ruined when you wash it.

Decoupage Recipe Box

Are you guilty of collecting recipes from magazines and then having nowhere to store them? If so, buy a plain wooden box and use your decoupage skills to transform it into a beautiful recipe box you’ll be proud to keep on the kitchen counter. Use magazine images or buy a stash of collectible paper ephemera on eBay and have fun making collages.
Other projects you can try include tie-dying fabric for blinds and decorating glass vases and wine glasses. Have fun!