5 Interior Design Trends for 2022

Interior Design

With the onset of a new year, you might be looking for ways to refresh your space.

Good for you: there’s no better way to generate inspiration for self-care and new endeavors than starting with a few adjustments to your home.

But where do you start?

You’ve come to the right place to learn about the interior trends that professional designers, social media influencers, and DIY design enthusiasts are buzzing about this year.

Here are some of the most popular interior design trends you may want to try as you refresh your home in 2022!

1. Blending Old and New

Do you have difficulty deciding between a vintage or modern design aesthetic? Here’s some good news: you no longer have to choose one or the other.

That’s right. Vintage elements can now be blended into a modern interior landscape by following a few simple rules:

● Pair modern furniture with vintage accessories (think decorative pieces, side tables, art, and rugs)
● Stick to a color scheme and use loud colors sparingly
● Be selective about textures to avoid overpowering understated modern furniture

2. Colorful Cabinets

Design pros are raving about coating ordinary kitchen cabinetry with inspiring new hues, but there’s no need to exit your comfort zone.

Does your kitchen lack abundant natural light? Try matte paints in smoky purple, sage green, or understated cobalt hues. Mustard tones are becoming increasingly popular for their ability to brighten up dark spaces.

3. Adding More Texture

If a room lacks character or feels boring (even after adding adventurous color upgrades), it might be time to get creative with textures.

Don’t allow the term to scare you: texture can be applied in any way that feels comfortable to you and fits your vision.

You might add throw pillows crafted from rich, lofty fabrics or drape hand-woven blankets that are perfectly imperfect over the arm of a velvet couch.

Adding texture means abandoning the need for everything to match. You’ll be glad you gave it a try!

Stunning Rugs

Now is the time to think out of the box when it comes to a new rug.

Consider colors, patterns, and textures you weren’t previously drawn to: you might be pleasantly surprised by how this simple change can transform a room.

Another perk? According to the celeb-favorite rug experts at Lawrence of La Brea in Los Angeles, the right rug can have several benefits:

● Make a room feel bigger
● Accent your existing furniture
● Liven up neutral spaces without going overboard
● Reduce sound from hardwood floors
● Inspire a new theme for furniture and decor

4. Celebrating You

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from nearly two years of living through the pandemic, it’s that self-care is essential to our well-being. And an excellent way to practice self-care is to cultivate a living space that reflects your individual passions by putting decorative items and colors you love, cherished mementos, and family heirlooms on display.

Here are a few tips for showcasing your treasures as part of your decor:

● Keep similar items together
● Avoid overcrowding and clutter by swapping out items seasonally
● Stagger pictures and mementos with the tallest items toward the back
● Consider upgrading your shelving units to fit your collections
● When in doubt, ask someone you trust: “Is this too much?”

5. Functional Furniture and Multipurpose Areas

Life has changed significantly for many people in the last couple of years. For better or for worse, you might be rethinking how you can make better use of certain rooms to meet your changing needs.

Interior design pros have seen a huge increase in demand for functional furniture. For example, those rigid armchairs no one is allowed (or wants) to use are out, and comfy couches designed for more downtime at home are in.

The same goes for rooms like the den or dining area. As they’ve transformed into offices and remote classrooms, creative ways to make these spaces more versatile are trending this year.

Look for wall-mounted desks that fold up when not in use, expandable dining room tables, and stylish, decorative storage solutions.


As we begin a new year, continued uncertainty and lifestyle changes don’t need to hinder your happiness and comfort. In fact, there’s never been a better time to invest in your space and make updates that better reflect your needs.

Hopefully, you’ve found some inspiration in these 2022 interior design trends. Enjoy!