Being Fit: Habits That You Should Adopt Immediately To Keep Yourself Fit & Healthy

Being Fit

In this fast paced world where all of us are so ambitious and passionate about dreams, we need to be fit and healthy to pursue our dreams. Living a healthy lifestyle is not at all difficult it is only about adopting some good habits. Healthy and fit people are not doing something impossible out there. They are just following some good habits daily which you also need to do. Apart from getting a membership of a good fitness centre and taking a balanced diet in your meals here are some habits which you need to adopt to live a healthier lifestyle. So don’t rely only on indoor fitness centres in Delhi and follow these below given steps too.


  1. Make sure you are sleeping for 7 hours a day

Being Fit

It is necessary to relax your body by having a good sleep of at least 7 hours a day. So doesn’t matter how busy your work schedule is you need to take out 7 hours of your day to relax your mind and your body. Rest works like a refreshing activity for our body making it more alert and active. That is why your energy levels are much higher in the morning as compared to other times in the day.

2. Play a sport daily for at least an hour

Going to the gym or doing yoga is a good way to keep yourself fit by doing physical exercise but nothing can beat playing sports. Playing sports not only helps you to stay fit but it also refreshes your mind. While exercising you may feel that it is boring but while playing an outdoor sport with friends or even with a group of strangers you will be entertained too. This will make you happy and will also lower your stress levels. After coming back home from a long tiring day in the office, you will enjoy taking a break and playing sport.

3. Go outside

Don’t spend your entire day surrounded by the walls of your home or office. You should go outside and take breaks in between. Going for walks in open atmosphere is healthy for you. It also alerts you mind and makes your body active. When you will return from a ten to fifteen minutes break you will notice that you can concentrate better.

4. Start your day from cleaning your room

This might seem a difficult task but is really an efficient exercise in starting an active day and making yourself more responsible. If you have the help of a maid then you need not clean your whole room but just making the bed and keeping your things at their place would be enough. More than a physical exercise it is more of a mental exercise which is needed in the morning to remind you of your responsibilities.

5. Do a quick 15-20 minutes exercise if you can’t hit the gym

There are times when you sleep late at night and then are not able to wake up on time in the morning. This way you end up missing your morning exercise routine which is not at all a good thing to do as it can become a bad habit. So what you can do is do exercise at home for 15-20 minutes at least and if you can do more it is even better. This will at least help your muscles to stretch.

6. Never skip your breakfasts

6. Never skip your breakfasts

Your breakfast is the most important meal of the day which you shouldn’t skip at any cost. After sleeping for the whole night without any intake of food or water your body requires energy in the morning which only food can provide it with. So make sure you eat something within one hour after you wake up.

6. Eat a light dinner

It is said that you should eat like a king in the morning and eat like a beggar at night. It is because your digestive system takes time in digesting food. So your breakfast has enough time to be digested  but if you have a heavy dinner then you won’t be able to digest it as you will go to sleep after it. Also keep a gap of 2 hours between your dinner time and your sleeping time so that your food is digested properly. Taking care of such things helps to avoid constipation.


How many of these things are already a part of your daily habits? The more, the better!