Stylish Office Furniture That will Make Working from Home Better

Working from Home Better

Working from home is a dream! You get to do what you love, earn your living and stay in the comfort of your home all at once, talk about work-life balance! Working from home isn’t as simple as setting up from your bed, you need to add a little structure into your space and working day if you’re going to be as productive as you would be in a traditional office. This means setting working hours for yourself, taking a proper lunch break and creating a little home working space! This can either be your home office or a cleared space in your living room or even just at the kitchen bench! Wherever you’re set up, you should invest in some pieces of furniture that will make your working day more comfortable and even productive! Here are a few pieces to consider, and how they can make working from home better:

An ergonomic office chair

This one makes a huge difference to your comfort while you’re working, particularly if you’ll be using a laptop or a desktop. It’s very tempting to hunch over, sit awkwardly and damage ourselves when we’re working, so it is incredibly important to find a chair that supports your back properly. Other ergonomic features include adjustable heights, arm rests and back padding. A safe and supportive chair cares for your health whilst you work away, anyone who’s had to sit at an uncomfortable chair knows how distracting and painful it can get!

A Sturdy Desk

If you have the room to accommodate a home office space then a sturdy, high-quality desk is going to make your working day more productive, organised and comfortable. Your furnishings should fit well with your space, so you need to consider the scale of your home office. For example, a tiny compact desk would suit a multi purposed, smaller space better than a large open room. Once you’ve determined the most realistic sized desk for you and your home you can start to think about the stylistic features. A repurposed timber looks grand, warm and homely, perspex looks sleek and contemporary, glass gives you an edgy minimalistic vibe – choose your desk based on the general design direction of your home and it won’t look out of place!

A filing System

Every office needs a proper filing system, and because you have the luxury of being in your own space, it doesn’t have to look like the traditional, cold metal cabinet you’ve come accustomed to! Choose a chest, blanket box or tallboy to store your documents in an interesting and unique way.

A Bookcase

This one is great if you’re lucky enough to have a spacious home office to fill! Grab yourself a bookcase that’s open, you’ll be able to display a few decorative pieces, books and have a nifty spot to stash your stationary away when it’s not in use. This will add a gorgeous, high-end feel to your space and also bring a little bit of personality to a room that’s dedicated to your professional life! Try to choose a bookcase that sits within the same theme of your desk, or if you want to be more playful, why not go for a total contrast? Find a deep oak or timber bookcase to contrast with a cream or light pine desk for a truly creative space.

Investing in quality, stylish home office furniture is going to make you feel more comfortable and at home in you working space. Of course remember a few essentials like a desktop and a large clock to track that time! Explore your local furniture store in Bathurst or NSW to find some home office gems.