Show Organizer Saurabh Gupta Faced Huge Loss Because of Darshan Raval!

Show Organizer Saurabh Gupta Faced Huge Loss Because of Darshan Raval

Darshan Raval cancelled his concert in Hyderabad as organizer didnot made the payment. The tere nishan singer took it to his Facebook page and made the post:

The organiser of the show also took it to social media-facebook and shared what exactly happened. Saurabh Gupta, the show organizer posted saying:

Darshan Raval¬†your payment was transferred in white 8,30,000/- INR. Flights were booked and was shared with your manager. Your tech list, Hotel booking, ground transport and adverts were done. Stop lying on your page that we didn’t transfer and didn’t book the flights. So for everyone here’s the proof of everything. See the pictures of the setup as well. Just cause of your unprofessional management we had faced a loss of 15,00,000/- INR and now you tell me who is responsible for all this. Stop lying to everyone when the truth is different. We had so many problems with your management and at the end after doing everything the show got cancelled and they didn’t respond to a single call. That’s not right.

Naushad Khan and Mahavir Chauhan have really spoiled the whole show even after following everything. I’ve personally faced problems from crowd and my fellow organizers. Everyone be aware of this agency name E-Positive entertainment.
And help me out here. Have never faced this in my entire life. Have attached everything below. And after taking so much money these guys have stopped responding. Big time frauds.

Show organizer Saurabh shared detailed bank statements and snapshots of flight tickets on Facebook.