Is Samsung S7 Edge Worth Buying In 2019?

Samsung S7 Edge Worth Buying In 2019

It’s amazing how Samsung has kept up the pace of releasing new phones every year, right? This even makes it hard to notice the difference between a new phone and its predecessor. Currently, Samsung is planning to unveil Galaxy S11, and there is more to expect from it.

But let’s look back a little bit and talk about the Samsung S7 edge. This models was released in February 2016. It was not an easy task launching it owing to the fact that it was the predecessor of a multi award winning Galaxy S6 edge. The S7 edge came with all the features of Galaxy S6 and added to it was the curved edge.

This was 2015, yes. It was not going to be easy to convince the world with the Galaxy S7 edge curved design. This was something that had been there and had been seen. Yes there and then, Samsung need to add something to woo the world it was the real way to go.

Sure to the fact, the turnaround in the S7 edge when compared to Galaxy S7 was amazing. This brought in a zest to a design which could have rather got outdated.

The Galaxy S7 edge was brilliant, and it went on to win the best phone of the year (2016). Yes we indeed know that today there have been other brands that have come along including the Galaxy S9 plus and the Galaxy S8 plus, but the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is undoubtedly still a solid phone.

The phone comes with a relatively large screen than that of the Galaxy S6 edge. Surprisingly enough, on the grip of it one cannot feel it being much bigger. The phone can settle nicely on the hand owing to the curved rear part of the phone. The phone has got a micro SD card slot and is as well water resistant.

The handset (Galaxy S7 edge) can last for well over 24 hours after charge this because compared to its predecessor the battery has been given a boost.

LG G6 is a tough competitor of the Samsung S7, but S7 still seems like a more reliable phone. Here is a LG G6 vs Samsung S7 comparison for a further difference between the two phones.

If you want to go with S7, here is a detailed review to tell you just how reliable the phone still is in 2019.


The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge; is a handset that lives and dies through its appeal. But if your focus is maybe power then the Galaxy S7 is the right option.

The normal comes with all similar smarts though with a little sharp screen- has equal proportion of pixels fixed within a small area.

It however does not have the creative features that have been placed on the edge of Samsung. The phone has been made very compact, through the curved display that takes it further into the sides of the handset. When compared to the Galaxy 6S plus and the 7 plus the S7 edge is much narrower and shorter, despite both having the same size of screen- 5.5 inch.

The rear carries one of the favourite design upgrade for the S7 edge. The brand through the process of 3D Thermo Forming makes it possible for the brand to curve its rear into one metal rim going all round the edge.

On its rear, the protrusion of the camera has been lowered to 0.42mm which implies that it’s not easily noticeable when you put the phone down and also has the strength that aids in lens protection

Just to remind you one more thing! Even with the exposed ports, its elegant rim and lines that are clean still remains waterproof! Oh oops, WATER-RESISTANT, it is rated IP68. This means then that in a depth of 1.5 meters of fresh water for longer than 30 minutes you can still use it, don’t worry about taking photos inside the pool.

Sad enough, it has a single speaker that does not really make the most premium sound, this though is serviceable. The S7 edge`s design is amazing when hand held, the upgrades have made it more spectacular that people who hate will tend to appreciate its design.


The screen which is part of the S7 edge`s design, is perfect!

Try pulling this phone out when with friends, though it will not get the same response has what S6 edge had the previous year, the S7 edge`s rounded back will get approval glances.

It has a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 is a great feature for any smartphone.  The 5.5- inch size is pin-sharp by the looks and very difficult to trace anything around the screen.

Always On Display

One among the most outstanding features of this Samsung phone is that as long as there is battery inside it then it can never be turned off.

At some point in the night, you may wake up to check something probably the time or your notifications, the screen will always show a pattern, clock or a calendar. This feature is so good as to not admire.

Super-Fast Charging

I know, you will agree with me that there is nothing so disturbing as getting low on smartphone fuel when you so needed it the most. Samsung has made an effort to solve this issue in many ways.

The charger that comes with the phone solves this; one is able to get in 30 minutes 50% battery but with the phone put off.  It is however not possible to get this with your phone powered on.

The speed at which your phone refuels will also depend on the choice of charger; the most rapid is the Samsung charger.


Yes, 2019, is about 4 years since the Galaxy S7 edge was launched. This phone brand as seen in its features indeed still stands out.  The galaxy S7 edge indeed delights in the clarity or whether it’s about the screen sharpness. It is still a good phone in the world of today where new smartphones are still increasingly coming up along with razor thin differences.

There is always the need for more; it could be we are programmed in that manner. However if looking for a powerful phone with amazing design then the perfect choice would be the Galaxy S7 edge.

As usual, proper caring of your phone will help to extend its lifespan and maintain it in a good condition.