Top 5 Email Marketing Softwares for Managing Your Subscribers

Top 5 Email Marketing Softwares for Managing Your Subscribers

Email marketing is one of the most influential forms of communication between a client and a brand. And with times like these when millennials spend about the major time of their day glued to internet checking out info and inboxes, email marketing has become a major marketing strategy by the companies

It’s one of the best ways to connect with your visitors, build engaging relationships, and transform them into loyal customers. At such, It only makes sense to use this cost-effective solution to create brand loyalty and market the products.

What is Email Marketing Software? Email marketing software is service-based software that is used for online marketing by marketers. This software offers many extra benefits by the use of resources and tools allowing the marketers to do much more than just emails.

Most popular email marketing software

1. Constant Contact One of the best email service providers for small-time businesses with a variety of tools to choose from. This software is easy to use with creation and customization options and a drag and drop editor ready to go. This creates a convenient channel to send mails and moulds well with every business.

2. Sendinblue One of the simplest service providers for bulk emails. This software is a one stop platform for activities like email, landing pages, advertisements and so much more. This software also offers automaton which allows us to do the high priority tasks first with the rest taken care of. Sendinblue contains a section each for Email marketing, SMS marketing and chat with automation to improve the performance of marketing.

3. Drip Best email marketing for e-commerce platforms and excellent automation. At Drip, offers the most cost-effective way to use marketing automation to grow your business and reach the masses as compared to other software.

4. ConvertKit one of the most in-demand for bloggers & publishers. it has a automated cloud-based email marketing with the intention of fulfilling the professional requirements for podcasters, bloggers. This software increases your subscriber list with custom opt-in forms for everyone.

5. AWeber  A very popular option in generating leads for small-time business. Weber is n demand platform for specific mail marketers. It aims at keeping customer engagements and interaction interesting through superior autoresponders. It includes business tools and systems such, WordPress, PayPal, Lead Pages.

Benefits of Email Marketing Software for Managing Your Subscribers

  • Improve communication

It gives you a communication channel you can trust with a transparent way to communicate with your members and clients, that is your potential market.

  • Provides credibility

Email gives you the spotlight required to build your credibility by sharing informative and trending content because after all, to do business, trust should come first.

  • Generate leads

It is very necessary that in email marketing, business goals should reach the right person, at the right time. A well times email will generate potential leads leading to the growth of the business.

  • Strengthen client relations

Being transparent and communicating with an effective tool gives a huge boost to your business. Email gives the product or service the right kind of push making it create a space in the client’s mind which will majorly help during the slow season.

  • Boost sales

Emails reach anytime anywhere reminding people of your brand periodically. This enhances brand awareness, and boost sales when it comes to any particular product or service. This action nullifies, out of sight, out of mind rule.

  • Build subscribers:

Email marketing ensures building up subscribers creating brand loyalty and allowing your brand to create a niche space for yourself.

  • Increase website traffic

Email marketing ensures more traffic to your website as it creates curiosity about the product in the minds of the potential customers. E-commerce business that sells products online, or a retail store email marketing campaigns often helps more than we can comprehend.