4 Exercises You Should Do To Reduce Your Weight At Home

4 Exercises You Should Do To Reduce Your Weight At Home

Ever since the pandemic began, increasing fat and its stubbornness to melt is a problem most of us have faced. And, in an attempt to reduce that increasing waistline and flabby stomachs and arms, on more than one occasion, you must’ve tried different diets and cut out other nutrients, sometimes carbs and sometimes calories.

Now here’s the thing, according to doctors, more often than not, weight gain can result from several underlying issues. And, just changing diets might not prove to be effective. However, exercising and working out, on the other hand, is something that can help you overcome and heal any of those causes without causing any harm to your body. In addition, there are plenty of weight loss exercises at home that you can do without any equipment or the guidance of a trainer.

We have compiled a list of 6 of those weight loss exercises at home that will effectively help you in stripping your body of any extra fat and also assist you in gaining muscles:

1. Mountain Climbers

Among the top calories burning exercises, not only do mountain climbers help you shed the extra fat layers on your stomach, arms and thighs, but they also target the muscles in those areas and effectively tone them. To do a mountain climber, you can start with the plank position, with your back straight. Now, bring your right forward to your chest and quickly switch legs and ‘climb a mountain’ on the floor. Make sure your weight is on your palms. You can adjust the intensity depending on your capacity.

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2. Jumping Jacks

It is another one of the weight loss exercises at home that are easy to do, beginner-friendly and highly effective. Jumping jacks get your heart rate up to its maximum level and cause your body to lose calories. They target the calf, thigh, bicep and core muscles. First, stand erect with your feet together. Now, jump and land with your feet a little more than shoulder-width apart. Now, jump again, and this time get your feet back to your original position. Furthermore, 3-4 rounds with 60-70 in one should be good for a start.

3. Russian twists

Russian twists will be the core engaging exercise that every workout circuit needs. They strengthen your core, improve balance, flexibility, and posture, and reduce belly fat. First, sit with your back erect, feet flat on the ground together and knees bent in front of you. Now slowly move back, lift your feet a few inches and make a 45-degree angle with your torso and thighs; make sure you don’t slouch. Next, clasp your palms in front of you and move them to the left while engaging your abdominal muscles, then back to the centre, then move them to your right.

4. Squats

Squats are among weight loss exercises at home that target your lower body, mainly your thigh muscles, glutes and calves, helping burn the fat, thereby increasing your metabolic rate. Doing squats is often described as ‘sitting in a chair, but without a chair’. First, stand straight with your legs shoulder-width apart. Now, move downwards by bending your knee and pelvis until your thighs parallel the floor. Finally, clasp your hands in front of you or extend them for balance.

A workout routine consisting of these weight loss exercises at home, accompanied by a nourishing, balanced diet, will surely melt the fat away!