9 White Wine and Food Pairing Tips for a Dinner Date

9 White Wine and Food Pairing Tips for a Dinner Date

A glass of sparkling white wine, plus someone special, equals a perfect dinner date. Of course, the perfect menu should not be disregarded. The foods will tell you how worthy or memorable that experience is.

Before having a dinner date, everything must start with a plan. The date, place, and the right wine and food pairing. Everything should be plainly planned first to make points with your special someone.

White wine is a simple yet elegant that goes better when pairing with right delicacies. However, always ensure the acidity. Make sure that the acidity of the food is lower than your selected white wine.

Compared to red wine, delicate white wine could be paired with lighter foods. Check out these wine and food pairing below to help you start your perfect date.

Sauvignon Blanc with Poultry

Create a whole new level of serving just by pairing these two. Having a date with a pair of Sauvignon Blanc and chicken or roasted turkey will always be fantastic.

This style of pairing is best served during Thanksgiving dinners or just a simple dinner date with someone special.

Chardonnay with Salads and Appetizers

Salads and appetizers are great choices for a bottle of Chardonnay. These are some of the lighter foods that match the acidity of any white wines.

For light snacks, Chardonnay is one of the popular choices among wine enthusiasts. If you are e a beginner, asking some wine experts, some of them will recommend you to have this pair.

Riesling with Chocolates

Riesling is a sweet white wine that goes well with chocolates, particularly, white chocolates. To make it tastier, smear the rim of your glass with a small number of chocolates before sipping it.

For additional experience, you can also accompany your Reisling with a caramel sauce or an apple pie.

Chenin with Asian Foods

For instance, you like Asian dishes such as rice and curry, pair it with Chenin white wine. Chenin works well with numerous Asian foods. This pair will bring you the Asian feel.

All White Wine Types with Fruits and Vegetables

If you are planning for fruits and vegetable type of dinner, you don’t have to worry about the wine. Almost all white wine types can be paired with various fruits and veggies.

Fresh and dried foods are the perfect pair for a single glass of white wine, specifically, sparkling white wine. But, always make sure that you pair your white wine with light foods.

If you are planning for a heavy party with heavy meals after salads and appetizers, better accompany it with red wine.

Albariño with Shellfish

If you are looking for some refreshing sense of experience, buy Albariño white wine and pair it with Shellfish. Some kinds of shellfish that match your Albariño are prawns, mussels, langoustines, and raw oysters.

The Albariño’s bright acidity makes it a great companion for shellfish and other seafood. It also comes with a white peach-aroma and will truly refresh your mouth.

Gewürztraminer with Asian Foods, Fruit Tarts, and Creamy Blue Cheeses

Gewürztraminer is one of the all-time favorites of most wine lovers because of its exotic aroma. It may be the first variety of wine that you will never forget because of its unique characteristics.

Gewürztraminer has two styles: dry and sweet. Dry style is a great pair for Asian foods, especially those with spicy flavors. Sweet styles are for fruit tarts and creamy blue cheeses.

Pinot Grigio Spring Rolls, Duck, and Dim Sum

When you have a Chinese partner and you don’t know how to plan your date, Pinot Grigio will save you. This wine goes well with Spring Rolls, Duck, and Dim Sum.

Pinot Grigio is a rich and elegant wine, a wine bar favorite. It is an Italian style wine which is light and easy. With its delicate floral aroma, for sure your Chinese partner will be amazed.

Viognier with Fish with Mango, and Chili

For those who want to shop white wines for some unique combination and experience, go with this pair. The fragrant aroma of Viognier can be enjoyed with Fish with mango, and Chili.

Viognier wine is one of the greatest wines ever produced in wine history. Not just because of its exotic and rich perfume, but it’s blended wine as well. It is often blended with Shiraz wine which gives you more reasons why you should try it now.


Purchasing wine is not just about the wine itself. Planning a dinner with white wine should always come with foods companion to create a perfect and memorable date.

If you fail to match your white wine with suitable foods, you may have an upset stomach. No matter how expensive it is, if you match it with the wrong foods, you may not enjoy the moment.

The recommendations above will allow you to have your desired dinner. Whether you have Chinese or Asian partner, always remember the importance of pairing style. The success is in your hands. Have a happy dinner!

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