Living Healthy With OSHO Dynamic Meditation

OSHO Dynamic Meditation

In the ancient times people lived a more real life. They smiled when they wanted to smile and got angry when they wanted to be angry. Today people are different. They are living a very unreal life. People have become more like actors. They don’t reveal what’s going on in their mind. When they are angry they try to hide their anger, by showing compassion. What I want to imply is everything about modern people is artificial. Due to that they are constantly collecting garbage thoughts and feelings in their mind. Their mind is piling up garbage all the time.

Living Healthy With OSHO Dynamic Meditation

Image Source: ParamYoga

Therefore, traditional methods of meditation like sitting directly in silence have become redundant. Just try and sit silently for some time millions of garbage thoughts will start moving around in your mind. In this age the most difficult task is to be silent. It is simply impossible to empty out all the thoughts from your mind.


The first step of meditation is to attain a natural state of rest. In fact meditation begins from here. You can meditate properly when there is nothing moving inside you. It is at this point that OSHO dynamic meditation comes into the picture. Before talking about how OSHO dynamic meditation helps to live healthy let me first tell you what it is basically. In this form of meditation the key thing is to be alert all the time. While carrying out the various steps (5 to be precise) you need to watch each one of them like an on-looker. In this meditation you need to watch consciously as each step undulates in front of you, just like the different scenes in a movie.


While executing the initial three steps you need to carry the witnessing along with you. The goal is to stop everything moving inside and to reach a state where you are totally inactive. By freezing everything you allow the alertness to reach its highest point. Don’t wear tight clothing while performing dynamic meditation. Plus, don’t eat anything 1-2 hours prior to starting the meditation.


First Step: 10 minutes

Start breathing in and out as fast and as hard as you possibly can. In the initial stage concentrate on accumulating as much energy as you can; but don’t release it.


Second Step: 10 minutes

Now throw out all the pent up energy. Go berserk – don’t hold up anything inside. Scream if you want to. Do anything that can help you to empty out everything stored inside.


Third Step: 10 minutes

Begin jumping up and down simultaneously chanting the mantra HOO HOO HOO. Continue doing this step till you exhaust yourself.


Fourth Step: 10 minutes

Become motionless like you have frozen. And watch everything that is happening to you like an onlooker.


Fifth Step: 10 minutes

Put on music and dance. Celebrate each moment! This happiness will stay with you throughout the day.

Dynamic meditation calms down the mind, builds up confidence, boosts immunity, and you experience mental peace. As a result your output at the workplace increases. If you are a student you are able to concentrate more on studies.