10 Super Green Foods to Eat Every Day

10 Super Green Foods

Consider your health as a priority and start eating something healthy every day. Health experts recommend adding green food to your meal because they are full of nutrients required by your body. Healthy eating habits or eating green is the phrase we have been listening to from childhood, and there is no doubt in it.

Researchers find out that many people are missing out on green food in their diet. Leaving out green food from your diet means missing essential minerals, vitamins, iron, fiber, etc.

But Why Green Foods?

Green color is mainly associated with phytochemicals or vitamins. Also, if you don’t like green foods, you can go for green fruits. A person can reap a lot of benefits from green foods. Let’s talk about the top 10 super green food which you can add to your diet.

10 Super Green Foods to Eat Every Day

  1. Avocados

New to the market, but still, you may eat avocado toast or drink avocado juice? Sounds mouth-watering? It is. While feeling a longing for food, you can eat a slice of avocado, filled with multiple benefits that protect your health. It improves your eyesight and vision. It is versatile; from adding salads to preparing tacos, you can use it for multiple purposes.

  1. Edamame

Edamame soybean is a worthy dish to prepare in the side dish. It helps in balancing cholesterol.

  1. Brussels

Brussels has compounds of vitamin c; however, the experts recommend that the experts don’t cook it too much because it will reduce the amount of vitamin c. To make it tastier and healthier, bake it and serve it. This green veggie may support your blood pressure.

  1. Kiwi

Where are the kiwi lovers? A fruit that is slightly tangy but delicious to enjoy its taste. Slice of kiwi in your cereal bowl or fruit bowl, or smoothies brings health benefits. Kiwi fruit lovers get better and healthier sleep than those who do not have it at all.

  1. Asparagus

A good ingredient for vitamin B is rich in fiber. Prepare juice or salads with this vegetable. It helps in anemia.

  1. Green Tea

Our article is not bound to veggies, but we also bring alternative green veggies, including green tea. Packed with antioxidants that boost your metabolism and maintains blood sugar level. So, drink it regularly and observe the positive impacts.

  1. Basil

Time to topped up your meals with basil leaves wherein it will bring delicious flavor to your meals. In addition, it has potent antioxidants compounds, which helps to fight inflammation. Use fresh basil leaves always.

  1. Seaweed

Where are all Asians? You might not know, but it is a must added ingredient in your grocery list. This is an essential ingredient that helps to improve the immune system and keep it practical. Also, it helps in the functioning of your entire health system.

  1. Green Beans

Are you ready to cook your side dish? Here we brought a recommendation of green beans, try it, and you will never regret it. They are also known as string beans which are filled with fiber compounds. It has low glycemic, due to which it is suitable for diabetic patients.

  1. Green Bell

Add the unique colors of bell pepper, but don’t forget to count on a green bell. It supports your immune system.