Are Vape Pens Being Overtaken by the Pod Mod Market?


Since their introduction into the market, e-cigarettes sales have been on the rise, with the Euro monitor putting their current rate at 35 million users globally.

Amongst the reasons why so many have been able to take up to vaping include the following:

It is easily accessible to the young

It comes in attractive flavors

It is less harmful than the traditional cigarette

Given its new role in the world of smoking and the fact that health organizations such as Public Health England advocate for it, it has become somewhat important for vapers to clearly understand what they are buying and what brand of e-cigarette best suits their needs. This has given manufacturers the need to come up with ways to make their products more attractive for their customers.

As a vaper, a visit to will, therefore, give you a summary on the importance of having the best product.

Vape Pens VS Vape Mods

Any true vaper will tell you that having the ultimate experience with vaping is what they seek. Therefore, to simply state that having a larger battery or larger liquid kit is what everybody wants is completely irrational.

Statistics show that despite the introduction of vape pens and vape mods that offer a whole new experience in vaping, many still prefer the comfort and simplicity that comes with the mini e-cigs.

Vape Pens were introduced as the new products that were intended to be an improvement of the e-cigs, offering multiple advantages such as adaptable batteries, multiple flavors and a way to control the amount of vapor released. This ability to monitor the amount of vapor released has especially been of interest to cloud chasers who vape for the thrill of this new sport.

Despite all these, however, vape pens still have their disadvantages such as ease of use, where many still consider the mini e-cigs a better choice.

Vape Mods, just like any other e-cigarette, were intended to give consumers the ultimate vaping experience. Multiple flavors, smooth inhaling, and controlled vapor are some of the advantages vapers looks for. Vape mods are also equipped with large batteries and liquid kits that ensure vapers get to enjoy longer vaping sessions. Their large liquid kits also offer the ability to have multiple flavors that can be switched depending on need.

But, just like vape pens, vape mods also come with their disadvantages in terms of ease of use.

Vaping is still a new act in the market and, therefore, to state that one brand of e-cigarette is better than the other is still far from being debatable. At the moment, it is simply enough that multiple brands exist in the market thus giving the users a range of choices to pick from depending on the kind of experience they are looking for and maybe what their pockets can afford.