SEO can be hard to manage if it is not used properly. Although it can be challenging to optimally utilise the power of SEO for being successful, it will not be as hard if you know the right way to do it.

Sit comfortably to know what’s going to happen that can change the way SEO works for you.

To guide you out through the confusion, here are some tips from SEO experts that can be useful.

SEO Tips Experts

  1. Phil Frost

If I could recommend one tip, then it would be to make sure you understand how SEO fits into the bigger picture of your marketing strategy. Phil Frost thinks that SEO is just a part of marketing strategy. This means it would be of no use if we didn’t know how to convert the organic traffic into leads and make money out of them. Instead of focusing all your time and energy, make sure you know that it’s just a part of being successful, and not the only way of being successful. There are steps ahead than getting better ranks on google that can help you raise your dollarflow and earn more money.

Now for example,

You own a page that promotes hand made candles. All the people who follow the blog or comment on it asking the price or are just active viewers, are nothing but potential lead. And potential leads can be converted into dimes.

  1. Omi Sido

Optimize your content for your customers and not for the search engines. What do i mean by that?

It’s so easy to find some high volume keywords around your product and turn them into blog posts. I get it- everybody wants more visits

Customer is the king. So make sure your website its customer friendly.

And how do you do that?

The answer is simple.

-Know your customer.

It is very important to think from your customer point pf view to know what your customer wants. And once you make changes accordingly and satisfy them! Then you’re rankings are likely to go up.

  1. Danny Denhard

My one tip would always be auditing. Auditing is essential for SEO success. Understand how your site is actually performing away from vanity metrics

Tracking your performance is very useful as you get to know where you stand. Auditing helps you to make new goals and focus on priorities along with future plans.SEO

  1. Sujan Patel

My one main SEO tip would be to make sure that amongst all the specific, actionable content you’re creating, you have a few pieces of content deliberately written to be highly linkable.

I highly agree on this tip. In today’s world, social medias are running on memes that prove to be famous because they are relatable no matter how diverse the audience is. Similarly, there are some topics that can be linked and related to other diverse topics.

This allows a post to have more backlinks that prove to be true at any point of time for any post.

  1. Dixon Jones

There’s no point being number 1 for Taxi if your customer types in Uber.

One of my personal favorite is Dixon jones’s tip. The above quote clearly mentions how branding is important. Branding is one of the most important features of SEO. And other operations as well. Why would a person purchase coffee when he is offered Nestle on the other side? Just because of the impact Nestle has created on the customers. And so in SEO, branding does the same thing. It builds trust. Your potential leads will trust you more of they know you well. And so the role of offline and online branding comes into picture.

  1. Trond lyngbo

I’d recommend that you build your website’s information architecture, URL structure and plan the way content is organized on the domain, on a solid foundation of keyword research and detailed analysis of your search data.

Apart from having good backlinks and customer focus, the very first thing you need to be sure is on the content and the keywords. Authentic and attractive are the characteristics of a good content. By having an updated content, you confirm your presence thereby attracting a huge traffic.

  1. Marcus Miller

My best SEO tip is to do an SEO SWOT analysis. What are your SEO Strengths? What are your SEO Weaknesses?

What are your SEO Opportunities? What are your SEO Threats?

SWOT analysis is the best way to know where you stand. From small businesses to huge factory owners, everybody did it at one point of time. SWOT analysis not only opens your eyes but clears your mind to seek more solutions for betterment.

Studying about SEO is different from implementing and it is different from gaining from the experiences of the experts. These people have not only earned success from SEO but also provide good tips for starters that can be useful at each and every stage of processing.

I hope these tips were useful to you because experiences are valued the most.

“With the growing popularity of SEO, it’s important not only to have an attractive website but to have a meaningful content which truly represents you” says Navneet Kaushal, CEO of PageTraffic SEO Company.”