Classic Bollywood White Sarees that Never Go Out of Style

Classic Bollywood White Sarees that Never Go Out of Style

Women love wearing sarees as they love to boast about the tradition of their country. No matter which occasion, a saree is one such item which can be worn at a cocktail party or a wedding. On top of that, a white sarees is one such apparel which never goes out of style. It is a wardrobe classic for every girl who loves to flaunt themselves in seven yards of grace and elegance. There is an age-old connection between a white saree and Bollywood.

Following are the classic Bollywood sarees that never go out of style-

1. Woven art silk white saree.

White sarees are among the cult favourites among women owing to their sophistication and elegance. Sarees are a staple for every occasion ranging from casual outings like theme parties to important events such as weddings. Bollywood is obsessed with white silk sarees due to their unique designs and intricate detailing. An art silk saree is made from synthetic fibers, and it is designed to resonate silk. These sarees are lightweight, and they are perfect for everyday wear.

2. Embroidered Georgette white saree.

One cannot miss out on Georgette sarees regarding ethnic wear. The cozy and stylish fabric makes the saree very comfortable to wear. These sarees are very easy to handle owing to their soft fabric nature. Thus, they are perfect to wear during humid weather. The signature look of the authentic material is slightly wrinkled and somewhat puckered. Thus, an authentic Georgette saree will have a light effect. A white Georgette saree is fairly breathable and extremely light. Bollywood is obsessed with a Georgette saree as it is a mix of modern and also has a traditional twists to it.

3. Net Scalloped white saree.

A net scalloped saree is made from synthetic fibres such as polyester and nylon. These sarees are also adorned with beadwork or embroidery. These sarees are available with an unstitched net and a white satin blouse. The lower skirt of a net saree has pleats and is made of satin, silk or some other material. Bollywood is inclined towards this white net saree as it creates a sensuous look without a touch of vulgarity and increases the glam quotient of the one wearing it.

4. Kanchipuram white saree.

The Kanchipuram silk saree is the one which will always feel soft when you try to rub it gently. A Kanchipuram white saree is considered one of the gorgeous silk sarees in the world. The quality, design and weaving of the Kanchipuram saree symbolized the finest craftsmanship. This saree is famous for its rich texture and intricate designs, and it has made its way into the hearts of many people in Tollywood to Bollywood!

5. Crepe white saree.

Crepe is a luxurious fabric which was initially made from silk. However, now, it can be made from almost any fiber. Its types vary from lightweight to heavyweight; thus, it can be thin or thick. A crepe white saree has a good sheen and smooth texture. The best part about a crepe saree is that it can be pleated easily.