Top 5 Makeup Artists in India

Top 5 Makeup Artists in India

Cosmetics or makeup is a mixture of chemical and natural products applied to the skin, making the skin look synthetic and sometimes like a cake. This is generally used to make a person look different and sometimes unique if the makeup is used for some facial art. Makeup is a filter applied to the skin for particular purposes, but it is used more often nowadays. The usage of makeup has grown over time. In 2021 people use makeup but in such a way that it seems there is no makeup at all. The ancient Egyptians first invented makeup; they used it to darken their eyelashes and eyelids.


There are plenty of makeup artists in India going uphill, but some are at the top. So the top 5 makeup artists in India are-

Makeup Artists in India

1. Sandhya Shekar– If you are looking for a festive and wedding makeup artist, then Sandhya Shekar will be the best option for you. When every makeup artist was on the day of the skin bandwagon, Sanghya was stuck in the matte, clean base look that has become her signature in makeup. But, unlike others, she is more into warm, dull brown, and earthy shades that go best with the Indian tone.

2. Arti Nayar’s– Instagram page is a pulse to the beauty community, convincing you to try something new with simple things. She is more into Bollywood and applying her brush on famous actors’ skin and playing her brush for graphic liners and mascaras that she currently loves.

3. Shraddha Luthra– Searching for the bridal makeup artist in town? Your wait is over. Shraddha Luthra is one of the most talented and top bridal makeup artists among India’s top 5 makeup artists. She once said, “layering as a one-way ticket to crease-free finish.” Her makeup is incredible, starting from sangeet to reception parties. And you are bound to fall in love if you keep an eye on her Instagram page.

4. Ojas Rajani– Ojas Rajani is a celebrity makeup artist who portrays her incredible skills on her clients, making them look flawless. She has worked with Bollywood celebrities such as Madhuri Dixit, Sridevi, Urmila Matondkar, etc. She is a mark in Bollywood and has also specialized herself in dramatic bridal makeup and hairstyles for over 11 years.

5. Namrata Soni– Namrata Soni is one of the leading celebrity makeup artists among India’s top 5 makeup artists. She does all her work to keep the natural thing intact and uses the right product in the right places. She also commits to going beyond the traditional. Namrata Soni has specialized herself in prosthetic and casualty makeup.

There are types of makeup that include decorative cosmetics, skincare, haircare, and perfume. Decorative cosmetics which include primer, concealer, foundation, blush, bronzer, highlighter, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, eye shadow, kajal, eyelash, setting powder, and setting spray.

Skincare includes sunscreen, moisturizer, facial masks, toner, cleanser, face wash, and creams. Haircare provides shampoo, conditioner, oil, gel, wax, foams, sprays, and lotions. Last but not least is a perfume for a fragrance that produces a long-lasting smell for tempting the heart for a little longer everywhere. All these are used to make the skin look toned and maintain outer and inner beauty.